Daily Femmostroppo Reader – March 26, 2009

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed

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  1. Liss has updated the Feminism 101 pages at Shakesville with 15 new posts – way to make me look bad!
    LOL! Yeah, and it only took me almost a year. I’m a real juggernaut over here. 😉
    Melissa McEwan’s last blog post..Question of the Day

  2. Juggernaughts 101, the Liss and Tigs years…

  3. I can say with complete certainty that show would be better than the upcoming American remake of AbFab.

    (Why, Maude, why?!)

  4. Ohhh…US version of AbFab…eek

  5. Up there with other TV shows of distinction such as the US Kath N Kim, and US Life on Mars

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