Happy Dance: the planet has 2,000 more orangutans than we thought

Discovered in a remote area of Borneo that is, fortunately for them, ao rocky and mountainous that it is totally unsuited for timber plantations. And it’s “up to” 2,000 more, extrapolated from the discovery of more than 200 nests in the region. But how wonderful, eh?

This orangutan photo is from an unknown spot, but it is wild behaviour (found on the delightful Orangutan Photos blog)

Location unknown, but it is wild behaviour (found on the delightful Orangutan Photos blog - click photo to follow link)

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  1. Thank you for mentioning this truly wonderful orangutan news on your blog!

    Orangutans are still critically endangered in the wild. To learn more about them and see how you can help protect them please visit the Orangutan Outreach website.

    Adopt an orangutan today!

    Richard Zimmerman
    Director, Orangutan Outreach
    Reach out and save the orangutans!
    Facebook Cause: http://causes.com/redapes

  2. Great news!

  3. @ Meg Thornton:
    I wondered when the first Librarian fan would make themselves known!

  4. This is really awesome. They mention on CNN (and are quoted here in this clip http://www.newsy.com/videos/no_place_to_call_home/) that we rarely get good news about the environment these days and that is so true. Hopefully we can work to make Borneo a safe place for orangutans.

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