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OK, tweaking a few things in the background again. If you are reading this on the blog, please ignore. If you are seeing this in your feed-reader but can’t open the blog, drop me a line using this contact form.

ADDENDUM: the new spam-fighter sends this message to you if it doesn’t like your style –

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Either you don’t have Javascript/cookies enabled in your browser, or else you’ve made a few comments close together and the spamfighter thinks you are a bot anyway. Please wait a while before trying to make the comment again – the more you try, the more it thinks you are a spammer. Compose your comment in a text editing program and post it later, please.

I know this could be a pain for some of you, but the spam rate has gone up hugely lately, and this method promises to block 99% of spam. I’m willing to put up with some inconvenience for that, and I hope you all don’t mind the occasional hoop to jump through once in a while. I’ll try and minimise them, which is why I’m testing several solutions to find the best. If these spamfighters are making commenting totally impossible for you, then please do let me know so that I can debug them.

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  1. The women at the protest outside Mr Barnetts office on Thursday have done a great job in publiscising this issue, and I appreciate the way in which you have reported it. I was a part of the protest at the Hyatt which although small did have more than 6 people. (There were 11 adults and 9 babies/young children) The media on the day seemed to miss the point of the protest, which was to argue for legislation to be introduced, not to denigrate the Hyatt in any way, they also emphasised that there wer only 8 mothers, but left out the much appreciated father and grandmothers who were also there to show their support. Thank you Michelle Roberts for taking the issue further!

  2. Proudpublicbreastfeeder: Did you mean to put this comment on one of the current breastfeeding threads? Maybe we could take the conversation there?

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