Femmostroppo Reader – April 24, 2009

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  1. From ‘What is and isn’t racist’:
    ‘No matter how sympathetic someone who is white is, they will never know what it is to be confronted with the racism that POC must daily negotiate. ‘
    *Never* ever? So where does that put, say Gaijin (lit. ‘outside people’) living in Japan?

  2. @ Purrdence:
    I’ve never lived in Japan, but from my understanding it’s quite a different form of racism. Japan had to change to become more Western in order to be a wealthy modern nation, they’ve never managed to impose their Eastern-ness on the West, and that relative position of the two cultures makes all the difference.
    There’s a deeply laid mass of Nipponese v. Gaijin stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination, sure – but not the same sort of message of bone-deep worthlessness that White cultural assumptions send out to POC. So no, I agree with Renee that if I go live in Japan and experience racism there, it still doesn’t give me the knowledge of what POCs experience from Whites.

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