Thursday Cheezburger: Kittehs and their pets

cat cuddling stuffed fish, capped Noone had the heart to tell Timmie what was in the tins he ate every morning

cat with stuffed chick, cappied I am the great destroyer of evil and curtains. And this is my sidekick Pookie.

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    My cats – I’d much rather scratch the lounge.

  2. This one isn’t really pet related (- except that having a pet can sometimes be like biting off more than you can chew) but its my fav this week.
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  3. Do political/non-cat related ones count? I was deeply charmed by both of these from the Pundit Kitchen over the last few days:
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  4. Weekly LOLdog
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  5. Head over to Bluemilk for baby picture!

  6. Thanks for the headsup Mindy, and congratulations bluemilk!

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