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orlando said:

How about a thread with t-shirt/mug tagline suggestions?

So this is that thread.

This is probably a good time to mention that I also have a rotating tagline code thingy for the blog that I’ve been itching to try out, so it would be great to get some candidates for that at the same time.So far we have:

  • HOYDEN (hoid’n): woman of saucy, boisterous or carefree behavior
  • This is what a HOYDEN looks like.
  • Hoyden Manqué

I’d like something pithy involving diabolical masterminds, if anyone can manage one.

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  1. I really like the definition one.

  2. I don’t know if you saw this thread on my blog a while back, but the title “acting out for no reason” is something that I suggested there would make an awesome feminist blogger type tee-shirt. You know, in a turning around the insult kind of way. I’m not a huge tee-shirt buyer (unless they’re Beatles shirts of course), but if you found a way to make a shirt out of that one, I can pretty much say I’d buy it 🙂
    Hey, you said to throw ideas out there, so I’m throwing them out.

  3. I like the first two!!

  4. Hoydenist – a woman living the boisterous or carefree life

  5. Hoydenistas: Revolutionary women’s movement promoting zealous boisterousness. (can Emma be done in the style of Che?)
    The HoyDen: Realm of diabolical plotters
    Hoyden About Town – Because we can

  6. how about something like:

    hoyden is as hoyden does,
    not as hoyden looks
    I hoyden, therefore I am

  7. Otters. It’s got to be otters.

  8. Hoyden Otter Plot
    Well – it’ll make people ask!

  9. This is my soft, feminine side.
    That’s MS Hoyden to you.

  10. World domination: it’s a lifestyle, not a career goal.

  11. I like the first one, “World domination: it’s a lifestyle, not a career goal” and strangely I can see myself wearing “Hoyden otter plot”, so perhaps I finally have indeed lost the plot.

  12. I like Deus’ suggestion

  13. Ask and ye shall receive!
    Hoyden About Town: the feminist revolution starts here.
    Maybe for a mug, “Plotting feminist revolution: Back Off.”

  14. Attitude Problem: when you’re absolutely, positively NOT taking any shit today.
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..That Pig Wont Fly: swine flu special

  15. Modern Feminism: hairy armpits are the LEAST of your worries

  16. Hoyden About Town: we kick ass so men don’t have to.

  17. Or alternatively,
    Hoyden About Town: We kick ass because we want to.
    Hoyden About Town: Kicking sexist ass since (…?)
    Since when do doormats wear lipstick?
    Otters don’t shave, why should I?
    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..That Pig Wont Fly: swine flu special

  18. Not original, but a favourite…
    A woman’s place is in your face.

  19. I can’t top Zoe’s suggestions.

  20. I love “Otters don’t shave, why should I?”. Good one Deus!

  21. How about:
    Hoyden about Town – foiling diabolical masterminds one keystroke at a time

  22. It strikes me that the phrase “Hoyden About Town” doesn’t actually need anything added to it. Kind of says it all.

  23. I’d swan around with any of the above taglines, but I lean towards the ‘make people ask’ ones.
    How about:
    Hoyden about Town – going too far on a regular basis
    Hoyden about Town – yes it is a conspiracy

  24. Hoyden about Town – look it up.

  25. Hoyden About Town: sense and otters.

  26. The one I most want to see on a mug (it’s a bit long for a tagline)…
    I have the figure of a Goddess!*
    (*A neolithic goddess admittedly, but a goddess nonetheless.)

  27. And Lauredhel is to blame for this one…
    Hoyden About Town: kneeing the testicles of sagacity

  28. Sorry that should be “of perspicacity”.

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