Caption this: Baroque Egg with Bow

Hey, this looked bigger in the catalogue!

Actual caption: Tobias Meyer of Sotheby’s talks about Baroque Egg with Bow by Jeff Koons at the auction house in New York
Picture: AFP/GETTY
From the Daily Telegraph’s The week in pictures: 1 May 2009

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  1. not a caption – it just worries me that the Sotheby’s guy looks so much like Bill the vampire from Trueblood. I’m expecting the egg to be full of Cajun chicken or something.

  2. I wonder if it’s filled with smarties?

  3. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the Easter Bunny that there was a recession.

  4. “And now…for my next trick I shall make this giant egg levitate…”/*concentrates and slowly raises/moves arms

  5. “I said the biggest retailer of easter eggs, not the retailer of the biggest!” (with apologies to Retravision)

  6. Modern art representative engages in a ferocious battle of wits with a gigantic plastic egg, and loses.

  7. “I really thought the *chicken* came first!”

  8. Genetic engineering. Coming to an egg near you.

  9. Disciple anticipates the arrival of Big Bunny. (Only funny to generation who grew up on The Goodies.)

  10. “And who would like to buy this wonderfully packaged, beautifully presented, shinily wrapped fossilised dinosaur turd, complete with a bow on top? Who is going to offer the first bid?”

  11. Freshly laid by Rush Limbaugh (because we needed a REALLY big asshole to produce this).

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