Mother’s Day – not happy for all

Today, I find myself thinking about women who have lost their children.

Mothers who have had to give up children for adoption or have had children removed from them; women and mothers whose children were never born or were born still; mothers whose children have been killed by illness or accident or famine or natural disaster or war or murder.

I can’t imagine how you may be feeling on this Mother’s Day, and facing every day of the year with this hole in your heart. There is no comfort or solace I can offer, only my meagre thoughts. You are not forgotten.

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  1. women and mothers whose children were never born
    This was me for a few years, as we battled infertility. And it’s also the women who would have liked to have had children, but their lives just didn’t work out that way.
    But I can’t begin to imagine the grief of losing a child. And yes, on Mother’s Day, I also remember mothers who have lost children. It is so very sad.
    I know also that Mother’s Day is very hard for women who have lost their mothers, for whatever reason, even in the fullness of time and life.

  2. Thank you.
    If possible, could you please delete this comment? Or make it anonymous in some way – that wold work too. I wanted to acknowledge and thank you for this, but I never talk about this in public spaces. My experience doesn’t count, don’tcha know.

  3. Yeah, Mother’s Day is not a happy day for me.
    Kirstente’s last blog post..Judy Blume targetted by extremists.

  4. Also, my heart goes out to anyone who lost their mother and has none to celebrate this day. That must be terrible, as well.

  5. I have lost a child and my mother. Thank you for thinking of women’s complex situations at this time.

  6. Thanks for this. Why doesn’t anyone else ever get why Mother’s day is so AWFUL for so many? I have spent 38 Mother’s Days wondering where mine was and if she was thinking about her kids. She gave my older sister up for adoption and then lost custody of me. I guess she thought that it would be easier to have no contact. I doubt I will ever know.

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