Happy Mother’s Day post

For those of you who are mothers or who have mothers, what are you doing this Mother’s Day?

I woke to cuddles and breakfast in bed. The Lad decided that scones with jam and cream were the go, and they were delicious. I also had a coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice. He brought Mother’s Day cookies and paintings from school on Friday to give me, too. There were hearts and pinknesses everywhere.

I’ll give my mum and stepmum a call later. For now, I’m just lazing around. (What else is new, eh?)

I might take some photos of the garden my partner and son planted last Mother’s Day, to start a yearly record of it.

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  1. Happy Mothers’ Day, mothers! You do amazing work, and so much of it without thanks or recognition… I hope those near and dear to each of you today are celebrating you as they ought!

  2. Coffee and home made cards in bed for me, with flowers, followed by a very lazy day (so far). Just what I like.

  3. Girlchild made me French toast with golden syrup, blueberries and raspberries on top. I don’t make french toast much and have decided it is the shizzle. And Exploding boy made me a lovely card. “To Mum! Have a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very hapy Mothers day!!!!! (I would write more verys but my wrist hurts)”
    AWWW. And Hallmark didn’t make anything out of them. Plus as our own mothers are still living, I got a card and choc truffles for mine but avoided the Hallmark-Mothers day complex by getting a Thank You card instead. Because that’s what MD is about, really.

  4. Nothing.
    The Wicked Fairy doesn’t really “do” celebrations (I am slowly guiding him in My Direction on birthdays and Christmas/Yule).
    I find it a bit depressing, but on the other hand he tends to be considerate and constantly happy to spend time and money on whatever I express a desire for (including OS trips), so I guess I get the consideration spread thinner, over a longer time.

  5. I was showered in home-made cards/pictures/calenders this morning at breakfast, curtesy of school/daycare/ooshc, which was lovely. Then my husband and daughter made me a cake to celebrate the occasion, which is their little tradition, (we have a ‘make something, not buy something’ rule for these sorts of days, school mother’s day stall excepted) so we had a nice kinda formal morning tea, which was very sweet. A part from those sparks of niceness it really was my usual Sunday – that is, trying to get a week’s worth of washing done in one day!

  6. Mom and I exchanged gifts already, doing an early birthday for me and early Mother’s Day for her. Now she is asleep, covered in a pile of her affectionate grand-quadrupeds, who are thrilled silly that she is here to see them!

  7. My kitchen is currently full of boxes making it infeasible for kids to cook me brekkie, but they did give me nice swag. Then we headed west for lunch with their nanna and my sibs, which was a pleasant family gathering. Then we came home and I caught a comedy show.
    Am now in PJs with wine and telly. ‘sgood.

  8. The time difference is preventing me from calling my mom quite yet (It’s not a good day to wake your mom up from a sound sleep). But I can’t wait. Talking to my mom is one of the highlights of my week. Today and her birthday are my fav days to call her, cuz she’s awesome. 🙂

  9. Hmm…no breakfast in bed at my house. The Bearded One and I are in agreement on our personal stance: crumbs in bed=ewww yuck.
    But I woke up late to find the bed empty and wandered out to the sounds of brewing coffee and a smiley TBO who made breakfast and happy chatter.
    Travelled to coast for lunch at a favourite cafe with my mum and the usual suspects. Mum had bought a nice teal Oxfam basket for miniFP to give to me, and on the way home we stopped and watched Wolverine (which admittedly was fairly ordinary – b00!), and bought the last two seasons I was missing from my Sex and the City collection for CHEEP! Then stopped at a friend’s share house for dinner, wine, crumble, movie talk, laughter and some eps of SatC. As miniFP would say ‘PERFECTO…MWAH!’ (Well perfecto except for the fact that I was in so much pain all weekend I spent a long time on Sat night crying. Still…)

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