Samantha Orobator may get out of Laos, at a price

I’ve linked to a few posts about Samantha Orobator in the last week, breaking news as follows:

A PREGNANT British woman arrested for heroin smuggling in Laos has been told she must testify she was not raped in prison in order to escape the firing squad.

Samantha Orobator, who is five months pregnant, was arrested last August at Wattay airport in the capital Vientiane for trying to smuggle 680g of heroin.

The Londoner was not pregnant at the time of her arrest.

The deal offers Orobator repatriation to a UK prison instead of serving the rest of her time in Laos. The Laotian government is said to be “sensitive” to charges that she was raped in Phonthong prison.

“We don’t want the world to blame us,” Mr Nuanthasing said.

Asked who fathered the baby, Mr Nuanthasing said: “It is a mystery – maybe it is a baby from the sky.”

I hope Orobator does whatever she needs to do to get herself out of that hellhole. I also hope the world doesn’t forget her once she does. It’s heartening to see some MSM coverage of the story now.

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  1. “Maybe it is a baby from the SKY”????????????

  2. They’re literally attempting the “raped by elves” line?
    Fucking shitstains.
    I’ll take is as good news that she might get out, but fucking shitstains anyway.

  3. I hope she gets out, and once out that the British government quietly forgets to lock her up again, then someone takes on her case and sues the bejesus out of the Laos Government for this crap. Sky baby? Oh please.

  4. Cannot. Headdesk. Hard. Enough. I also can’t tell if “sky baby” is just a case of being totally arrogantly full of shit, seriously deep in denial, or “fuck you foreign countries we don’t have to take any crap from you even if it’s true in this case”.


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  7. Jesus fucking christ.
    That’s… god. I’m actually so horrified that I’m sitting here with my mouth open and nothing to say.’s last blog post..Link: Feminist On Testosterone: The View From An Intersexual FTM

  8. One of the BBC news headlines refers to her as a ‘mum-to-be’. Which irritates me – it seems kind of inappropriate and trivialising.
    Kirstente’s last blog post..Judy Blume targetted by extremists.

  9. Is Laos a catholic country? I wonder if they’ll deliberately delay her release to make sure she wont have access to an abortion and will be forced to take the child to term.

  10. They’re saying she’s five months pregnant – so at least 20 weeks. They’d only really have to wait till 23 weeks if that’s what they were aiming for, and I wouldn’t put anything past the kind of people who claim that “mysterious” prison pregnancies come from the sky.

  11. Asked who fathered the baby, Mr Nuanthasing said: “It is a mystery – maybe it is a baby from the sky.”
    That sounds like a deliberate ‘fuck you.’
    I can’t believe this is allowed to happen.

  12. I looked it up, they’re actually one of those retro-communist states like China or North Korea without the money or nukes. That might have something to do with the spontaneous human conception dig.

  13. Ironically, if you as a tourist want to take drugs in Laos, it’s extremely easy; the government only does sporadic raids on tourist opium dens and tends to ignores marijuana.
    “Mum-t0-be”???? UGH. Maybe this woman does want the kid, maybe she is absolutely full of horror at being forcibly impregnated (quite apart from the death sentence hanging over her head and the rest).
    From the sky… sounds like an SE Asian way of keeping face. You speak bullshit politely as a way of saying “fuck you” and not escalating the issue.
    AAARRGHH to criminalising drugs, drug trafficking, and to death sentences. There are OTHER ways to deal with these things.

  14. Yay, I got my username and gravatar back! Log in and go to the config section to put in a nickname and email address.

  15. You know, a DNA test could reveal some specifics about what part of the sky caused Orobator to conceive.
    I doubt the Lao authorities would consent to having some possible “parts of the sky” tested DNA tested as well.
    This is a public relations nightmare for the Laotian Government.

  16. Samantha Orobator has been sentenced to life imprisonment. This may mean that she can be repatriated to Britain to serve out her sentence. One would hope that the British justice system would quietly release her.
    The Laotian media, which I believe is heavily government controlled, is saying that her pregnancy is the result of Orobator using another prisoner’s sperm to impregnate herself to avoid the death penalty. The baby is due in September. I thought that I read somewhere that she was supposed to be in a women’s only prison, so she has done particularly well to find a male prisoner, borrow some of his sperm and somehow successfully impregnate herself. At least now they are admitting that there was a man involved and not the freaking sky.

  17. My partner’s a lawyer and she says these international agreements are set up to be enforced – it is not possible to “quietly release” someone under this agreement as it is not really at the discretion of the British Govt – she would still be under a Laotian sentence – it would jeopardise future agreements if it was breached. I don’t know about early release conditions for good behaviour though. Poor woman.

  18. I’ve no doubt that some furious negotiating is going on in the background.

  19. And if the Laotians suspected she would be “quietly released” they probably wouldn’t let her go. I suspect this kind of fear is partly what’s keeping the Libyan convicted for the Lockerbie bombing behind bars in the UK despite him being terminally ill with cancer.

  20. Looks like Samantha Orobator may be back in Britain soon, while she can still fly before she becomes too pregnant.

  21. Thanks for keeping us updated, Mindy.

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