Otterday! And Open Thread.

Otters juggling. I just can’t get enough of it.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Lutrine Prestidigitation…. They do tricks with toilets?

  2. I love the voice saying “don’t worry, this will be up on YouTube tomorrow”. Ha!
    I now want to do a LOLOtter of that one with a caption “Mad Ball Skillz – I Haz Them”. Anyone got a good screencap?

  3. Otters! 🙂
    I’m irritated today because apparently if I comment on how disability is portrayed or implied in anything I have an “agenda”. *sigh*
    But! I’m all by myself for five fun-filled days wherein I will do exciting things like not get sunburned and drink enough water. This is my plan!

  4. There’s a freezing wind in Melbourne today, and apparently, snow in Tasmania. I’m meeting my aunt for lunch at one of my favourite cafes, so I’m pretty happy with my Saturday.
    And, I’m reading up on Creative Commons licensing. Anyone got any personal perspectives?

  5. Argh – I’m totally getting Rape Apologist Bingo on a discussion over at Facebook. I’m not adding new arguments any more – just not letting the slut-shaming go unchallenged.
    Apparently it is a heinous offence against the universe for a woman to “get away with” being a bimbo slut available only to the men you fancy having fun with instead of being available to all their mates as well.

  6. *hugs* Tigtog, I wish there was some way to turn that argument around so folks would think about it, but then I get very very depressed when I realise that it’s okay if the victim is a woman, but wrong if the victim is a man.

  7. Facebook is depressing as shit for these things. Ok, strange phrase. Shit is MUCH less depressing than facebook and politics/ethics. 😦 Sending strength-vibes your way.

  8. tigtog@5 “Argh – I’m totally getting Rape Apologist Bingo on a discussion over at Facebook” (depressingly) SNAP!
    I’m so disappointed at how many people engage in casual victim blaming. I’m so grateful for spaces like this where these things can be discussed sensibly and with the empathy that so many seem to either lack or misplace.
    Have a good weekend everyone, and enjoy the last of the comedy festival (wishing I lived in Sydney) those that are going.

  9. Just on the rape apologists…
    I have today offended someone who is generally okay by calling her (among others) on being a rape apologist. She is offended. I get the strong feeling it is now my turn to apologise to her. But, I just can’t. She IS one! So, wise ones, how to continue the friendship without succumbing to the pressure to ‘make nice’. Everything I’ve come up with so far may well make things worse.

  10. Ugh, ss. I’d be ignoring her until she simmers down or until a way forward occurs to you in time. Cos there’s no way you should have to apologise for that.

  11. Of both these Edal reminded me as she juggled with such small objects – marbles, clothes-pegs, matches, Biro pens – as could be satisfactorily contained within her small, prehensile graps; she would lie upon her back passing them from hand to hand, or occasionally to the less adept grip of her webbed but almost nailless hind feet, working always with two or more objects at a time, gazing fixedly at them all the while, as though these extremities of hers were in some way independent of her and to be watched and wondered at. At moments it was clearly frustrating for her to require four feet upon which to walk, for she would retrieve a lost marble clutching it firmly in one hand – usually the right – and hobbling along upon her other three limbs.

    Gavin Maxwell, Ring of Bright Water, 1960
    From which book I first acquired my love of otters. My beloved Granddad gave his copy to me for my 10th birthday. I treasure it, because it is a tangible connection to him, and when I look at my name inside it, I recall him writing it. Looking back, I can see that Granddad was not perfect, but he died just a few years later, before I came to any adult understanding of him. He was just my lovely grandfather.

  12. ss, I had one (female!) in one of my tutes earlier this week. I tell the students upfront that I am feminist – it saves trouble later on. This one said, “She was asking for it.” I just about exploded, not in words, but with the effort of not exploding. It was right at the end of the tute, she was leaving the room, I had just enough time to point out that no one deserves to be raped, and that it was rape, not “group sex.”

  13. Hey…this article seems pretty good. It’s a little unclear at the beginning, sounds as though she might be saying group sex is not enjoyable to women, but I don’t think so if you follow it through. The end sounds as though she’s saying anal’s never enjoyable for women, but I don’t think she’s saying that either, rather that many women who personally *don’t* want to/don’t like it are feeling pressured to.

  14. Sigh. Just got my first ‘You’re all fuckwit lesbian man hating bitches and she’s a whore and deserved it (she deserved WHAT? You just said it wasn’t rape)’ comment. Feel free if you’ve got nothing better to do, to go and troll bait. He has the entire REST OF THE WORLD to voice that opinion and yet he feels the need to manfully assert himself on my blog? Well that just ain’t on. Disemvowelled him, told him off, now mocking as I see fit.
    fuckpoliteness’s last blog post..How do you title a post like this? Trigger warnings.

  15. I’m a bit disturbed by the language used in a Yr 9 Assessment Task sheet that was passed across my desk this week. This task is supposed to be promoting diversity and harmony, good, about bloody time I say, but then this:
    Groups who experience discrimination:-
    “People from different ethnic backgrounds”
    Different to what exactly? Teh White?
    The assumption that white is the default race and all else be Teh Other is pretty much the cornerstone of racist thought.
    But how to point this out to the school? I’ve learned from experience that raising such concerns absolutely *will* have consequences for your child.

  16. FP @ 13: wow; I think that’s the article I’ve been waiting for… I am hoping against hope that that conversation can be continued!
    WildlyParenthetical’s last blog post..Disciplining Sex: Economies Etched in Intersexed Flesh

  17. Oh, that article is brilliant, absolutely perfect. The really interesting thing is that Horin’s piece works equally well as a response to Bettina Arndt’s nonsense, which really does show the way that (a) it’s all part of the same rape culture, even though Arndt was talking about socially sanctioned sex for women and the footballers stuff is not, and (b) that overcoming the idea that het sex begins with a man’s erection and ends with his orgasm (with a woman’s pleasure, if it exists at all, being only a function of men’s pleasure) is vital if we are to dismantle that rape culture.

  18. Linda Radfem, sorry to not have a response to your question, but I really have no ideas.
    I just saw this group of headlines on the BBC web-site, with the dreaded quotes around words, but this time nothing to do with sexual assaults:

    Sri Lanka’s rebel leader ‘killed’
    India PM prepares for new cabinet
    Karzai brother ‘survives attack’

    It seems an odd house style, but there it is.

  19. Oh, and also:

    Rumsfeld ‘Bible texts’ criticised
    Spain’s Franco ‘had one testicle’
    Electricity to power ‘smart grid’

  20. No need to apologise, tigtog. I didn’t seriously expect any.

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