Femmostroppo Reader – May 27, 2009

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Link Farm: Reactions To The California Prop 8 Ruling
  • – from Pam’s House Blend

  • Serial Rapist Convicted of Raping His Daughter
  • – “We hear it so often, this idea that women’s bodies are permanently available and consenting to male sexual advances unless spoken otherwise. And so “she didn’t say no” is considered an excuse.”

  • Such a Good Kid
  • – “I’m not sure how many times we, as a culture, are going to have to do the shock-that-a-good-white-boy*-could-do-a-bad-thing before we finally lay in its grave at long last the idea that a characteristic we privilege (including being a Christian) confers an inherent goodness upon the people who exhibit it. “

  • More Sotomayor
  • – “Brought home to me just what an awful state journalism is in. Other than her name, it gave me absolutely no independently verified facts about Sotomayor whatsoever—just a list of things that different people have said about her. This is all that most people will hear. I’m so accustomed to this now that I almost didn’t notice.”

  • On editing
  • – from Pavlov’s Cat

  • Macklin opens Reconciliation Week by announcing takeover of Aboriginal Town Camps
  • – What other Australians have to give up their property rights to have basic services?

  • It’s not a crime to be an idiot
  • – musing on anti-vilification laws

  • Healthism in yoga
  • – There’s more to balance than symmetry

  • Utter Nuttery
  • – beautiful takedown from Echidne

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  1. I might have missed this in a previous Reader, but Sweet Machine’s consideration of FA and queerness is an interesting one: http://kateharding.net/2009/05/25/queering-my-mirror/

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