Women in Science Fiction reading club – come join in

TheFemaleManSajbrfem (of Fifty Two Acts fame) is starting a Women in Science Fiction reading club.

We’re starting with The Female Man (Joanna Russ), so grab yourself a copy, subscribe to sajbrfem’s dreamwidth journal, and start reading.

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  1. Assuming I could find a copy of Female Man (which my library doesn’t carry) I would love to join in the discussion. Unfortunately sajbrfem requires a dreamwidth account to comment, and it’s not really worth it to me to spend $$ on an account I’d only use for occasional commenting. Great idea though.

  2. Peggy, I have invite codes to spare. E-mail me at jennifer dot gearing at gmail and I can send one your way. 🙂

  3. You should be able to comment on any dreamwidth journal just by registering your OpenID (livejournal, wordpress, blogger, most of the sites that use any LJ code). This is explained by a commenter here at my journal, and here in the FAQ.
    Or if you’d rather have a full account, grab the invite codes offered here, or ask at dw_codesharing. I have one invite code to offer for someone who wants to join in with this reading group.

  4. I have several invote codes as well. Email me at cake.wont.bite AT (gmail) if you’d like one.

  5. Lauredhel: Thanks for the directions, they worked great! Since the OpenID option was grayed out and unselectable when I first loaded Sajbrfem’s post I hadn’t thought that I would be able to do that.
    For anyone else reading this: the trick is first logging in at Dreamwidth with your OpenID, adding and confirming your email address, and only then loading the comment page.
    Jet & Jennifer: Thanks very much for the offer. For now I’ll stick with the OpenID access.

  6. The Female Man is one of my favourite books. I have at least one spare (very beat up second hand) copy, as I used to pick it up second hand every time I got a chance.

    I also have a spare dreamwidth invite or two, if there is any shortage.

  7. I love this book with a mad passion. MAD PASSION. So freakin’ revolutionary in so many ways.
    “…Live merrily, little daughter-book, even if I can’t and we can’t; recite yourself to all who will listen; stay hopeful and wise… Do not scream when you are ignored… Do not complain when at last you become quaint and old-fashioned… Rejoice, little book! For on that day, we will be free.” [213-14]
    Probably won’t have time in the next while to talk about it, but have fun – 3 cheers for Joanna Russ!
    jessamynsmyth.wordpress.com/’s last blog post..Rainer Maria Rilke

  8. Well it’s interesting to go back to this post now, since I’m reading ‘The Female Man’ at the moment, and I’d completely forgotten about this. It’s a very interesting (though in some ways intensely frustrating) book, and I might think about it a bit more and go over and comment on that book club post later today.

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