Solstice Hoyden Drinkies!

It’s time for another afternoon gathering at the pub, Hoydenizens! This time the date is Sunday, June 21st, and we shall be matronising (hee!) the Rose of Australia Hotel, 1 Swanson St, Erskineville, which is located close to a train station, has disability access, and there are several vegetarian options on its bistro menu.

As usual, we will start at 12noon, I will bring a sign so you can recognise us, and the Hoyden-ish shennanigens will continue throughout the afternoon. All feminists and feminist allies welcome!

Please comment in this post if you’re likely to come along — you don’t need to do a hard and fast RSVP, as I realise plans can change quite easily, but I’d like to be able to estimate how many people will be turning up, so that I can warn the staff make a booking.

Photo by Drunken Monkey.

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15 replies

  1. I want to be there…I think I can make it…dammit, I’m coming!

  2. I’ll be there is something doesn’t pop up before hand.

  3. Ah drat, I just made unbreakable family plans for the 21st yesterday. (I realise it’s a pain to plan, but when you can give 3 or 4 weeks notice of Sydney things I’m more likely to come.)

  4. I would like to come but sick Chally is sick and I don’t know whether I’ll make it! So a maybe from me.
    I think this is my first comment in weeks. I have not forgotten you, hoydenish types!

  5. I should add, drink well Hoydens, so the sun comes back! I miss it.

  6. Hrmm… I may be able to make this one, if I can get there early enough to slot it in before work. It depends on what I’m doing after the Aboriginal rights rally on the Saturday.
    hexy’s last blog post..Blog suggestion… sorta…. and Scarlet Alliance on Twitter.

  7. Yay! I hope to be there.

  8. I’m crossing fingers, but it may not be possible. Parental units are moving to Canberra, and I may need to help them unpack/settle in. We shall see though!

  9. I hope they don’t mind the cold WP. A top of about 8 degrees today, minus any wind chill. There was a brief possibility of snow, but to my 6yo’s dismay it didnt happen.
    I unfortunately won’t be there for drinks, but I hope you all have a lovely time. One day I shall make it, perhaps when the kids are teenagers.

  10. I… uh… may not mention the cold to them just now ;-P Poor mum has that thing where her fingers go numb—as in, cold and white and really quite odd—at the drop of a hat. But the house is sold and the house is bought and dad will have a proper proper income… probably enough to buy the several pairs of gloves my mum will need 😉 I’m a lil bit excited to have them so much closer than they have been. But Adelaide to Canberra is not the teensiest of moves!
    Shame you won’t be there, Mindy. We look forward to a teen-aged-kid future for you!

  11. I’ll try to come along.

  12. I’ll be there, it’s about time that I left the vege patch and headed to the big smoke!

  13. Looks like we’ll have a good sized group – sorry about those who can’t make it. If this tedious virus lets me gather some energy I may make the effort for a dawn sunrise over the sea for the solstice as well. Just have to dig out all the microfleece!

  14. I’ve secured baby sitting for the afternoon, so I’ll be there.

  15. Curses. I’m being dragged to Canberra for exactly the kind of old-friends-of-the-nigel dutyvisit that gets heterosexual relationships mercilessly mocked on IBTP. But thanks Tigtog, for organising last weekend, which was lovely.

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