Parental notification – at nineteen?!

What the hell is going on at St Joseph’s College? Sex scandal at St Joseph’s College Hunters Hill

A sex scandal at an elite private school in Sydney’s affluent Hunters Hill has forced the resignation of a female staff member who had a relationship with a teenage intern.

St Joseph’s College launched an investigation into an affair between a 42-year-old support staff member and a 19-year-old man employed by the College while on his gap year from Sussex in England.

The 42-year-old married woman, who is understood to have sons at the school, has resigned from her post following an investigation by the school.

The 19-year-old was also forced to leave his job and accommodation at the college and his parents were notified. […]

A source close to the man at the centre of the scandal said he would go home to England this week saddened by the turn of events.

“He told a few of the gap boys and they told some Year 12 boys who told the teachers,” she said. “Then it became a joke, and I think he found it really hard to deal with. Little by little it got a bit too much – he’s quite reserved, a shy bloke,” she added.

So, let me get this straight. Two grown-ups, A and B have sex with each other, consensually. A’s confidence is breached after telling friends, and A is then bullied for it. Both A and B are sacked, which effectively ousts A from the country, and the employer calls A’s mummy and daddy to tell them all about it.

What? Just what?

I’m boggling. Undie-sniffing twonks.

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  1. As a religious school, they probably have a clause about upright moral behaviour in the employment contract, so letting both or either go due to engaging in adultery is well within their rights. But informing the parents of an adult about his actions? Extremely twonk-faced.

  2. …is calling his parents even *legal*? Cripes.

  3. Ha. I would’ve only thought something like this could happen in America . . .
    Seriously fucked up.

  4. When it comes to sex people simply cannot seem to avoid sitting in judgment. If I were the 19 year old I would consider suing the school. How was it their business to call his parents? Sheesh.

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