Femmostroppo Reader – July 2, 2009

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  • Feministe » Why I Hate Filling Out Forms
  • – The problem is this, my birth certificate says I am male, my gender presentation is female. They do not match. Until I can afford expensive genital surgery, I cannot change the marker on my birth certificate. No matter what I put, in a cissexist world, I am situated as a liar.

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  1. It’s becoming very tiresome that many bloggers can’t write about something important without the mandatory preening, “No one else cares about this important thing! If TEH LEFTISTS cared about truth or justice they surely would be blogging about this important thing that I am currently blogging about! Yay me! Boo them!
    I can’t be bothered getting yet another user ID and password to comment on Troppo, but somebody might like to go and remind Ken Parish (“Strangely, the SA, NSW and NT anti-bikie laws have generated almost no debate in either the blogosphere or mainstream media”) that Tigtog posted about the anti-bike laws way before he did and put it up at Larvatus Prodeo, too. I agree it’s something that should be written about but the gratuitous moaning about the rest of the blogosphere is just so unnecessary. Just write about the damn issue, already!

  2. I haven’t ventured into CT, but I have put up a link at LP where the poster said thanks to Ken for raising the issue. I commented politely that he could thank Tigtog too, and provided the link. No doubt that means I’m a bitch. But I can live with that, I _am_ a bitch.

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