Femmostroppo Reader – July 1, 2009

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • I think you’re confused as to the meaning of “child support”
  • – “No one is legally obligated to be a dad in terms of providing the kind of emotional support that parents should ideally provide; the state, however, does have an interest in making sure that children are fed and financially provided-for. That’s where child support comes in. The courts can’t force you to be a decent human being, but they can make you pony up a little cash to make sure that the kid you helped create has something to eat and some clothes to wear.”

  • Excuse me while I have a little rant…
  • – “How would [straight men] feel if they knew that every year hoards[sic] of women go on holiday to places like Vegas and Amsterdam where they will be offered men to use as they please at every bloody turn, and that that’s the very reason they go there?”

  • Wrongful Conviction Overturned For Woman Whose Report Of Rape Disbelieved By Police
  • – “The exoneration came only after her former partner was tried and convicted for sex crimes against another victim. What this indicates is that the police had no truly credible evidence of her guilt and instead relied on stereotypes about who files false rape reports and what real rapists look like.”

  • NYC Reading: Diaspora of the Fantastic: Black Women Writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror
  • – a reading and discussion on women of color in speculative fiction – an issue with which mainstream writers/publishers have demonstrated much fail

  • – “But the point is this: If the queer community is still being all but ignored while making this much noise, imagine if they were silent.”

  • Just Because People Are Staying Married, Doesn't Mean Marriage is Working.
  • – “I am over studies that are just about how middle class people stay married and cheat or do not cheat. What are the relationship habits of people that don’t marry, that try alternatives, that don’t have social access to marriage (the queer community, poor people, etc), what are they doing?”

  • 40% of ethnic minority women in UK live in poverty – Fawcett
  • – More women at risk of being locked in to poverty, and being caught in a Catch-22: “Despite providing essential care for family members, these women are being treated as having made inappropriate choices because their caring work is unpaid. Mothering is being deemed unproductive in this policy paradigm.”

  • Jon and Kate, Plus Millions of Female Tabloid Readers
  • – examining our media consumption choices

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    Man this annoys me. I don’t mean to hate on or flame anyone (I love Shakesville) – but I’m so sick of hearing about what Obama hasn’t done YET. He is light years ahead of our KRudd in terms of gay rights (have you ever heard Ruddy use those two words in the same sentence?) and the fact that he is even talking about LGBTI issues, let alone all the positive policy changes he’s implementing, should be cause for celebration, not contempt. I’m kind of frustrated that there doesn’t seem to be any critical and positive recognition of what Obama has achieved – and correct me if I’m wrong – but only angry and harsh criticisms of what he has already said he’s going to do. I understand politicians can’t be trusted – god do we know that, in this country – but hasn’t Obama already proven that he follows through?
    It’s like they expected him to be some Magical Negro who would fix America with a wave of his stately hand. FFS. Meanwhile we’ll keep trying to get Rudd to even mention gay marraige, let alone make these sorts of promises to the LGBTI community…
    Posting here because for some reason I can’t on the Shakesville site. And also because they’d probably dismiss me as a whingy Aussie…

  2. allie: Have you been reading along at Shakesville and elsewhere? The Obama government hasn’t just “not gotten around” to gay rights yet, they’ve been actively working against them.

  3. Hmmm… I am a regular reader of Shakesville yes, and I must say I’ve missed the “actively working against them” part. Am heading over now for a re-read.

  4. Yeah, it’s not just that he’s dragging his heels on getting rid of DADT, but the administration filed a brief defending DOMA in a recent court case in California. And that memo that Obama signed extending rights to same sex partners of federal employees? It A) expires when he leaves office and B) doesn’t include health coverage because of DOMA.

  5. Mixed signals is the name of the game here. Obama has done a few things that could be called affirmative for the gay community, and a few more things that are antithetical to a belief in gay rights/dignity. So the community is angry, because the few good things he’s done he’s tried to keep quiet too.
    I think Obama can redeem himself here, and he is at least doing *some* amount of positive, but he’s kind of fucking things up the way he’s doing things now — one step forward one step back. Or to the side, even.

  6. I must have missed the positive stuff President Obama has done, but maybe that’s because I live in a country where even our right-wing leaders won’t bother re-opening the gay marriage debate, so I cannot understand WHAT is preventing the supposed left-wing President of the Largest Democracy In The World from just making gay marriage legal and be done with it.

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