Femmostroppo Reader – July 4, 2009

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

Edited to add: Kristin Schaal hits on a lot of uncomfortables in her latest appearance on The Daily Show.

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  1. Wow. I’m shocked and dismayed at the argument that OMG! I am being oppressed by being called a cis-woman. (Is it with a hyphen or without?)

  2. Hyphens are a tool of the kyriarchy.
    Er, I mean, without. “cis woman” or “trans woman.”

  3. Also, I just reregistered here, and it weirds me out that it has my icon.


    It’s linked to your e-mail address (I think). So if your e-mail address stayed the same, then your gravatar will pop up, just like that.
    Other than that, the only explanation could be ghosties in the machine. Tigtog?

  5. The gravatar is tied to your email address, Lisa. If you didn’t specifically register a gravatar, it’s probably because you use the same one on your wordpress.com blog, and Automattic owns both WordPress and Gravatar, and it looks like they’ve finally linked them like they promised to do ages ago, so that anyone who’s the owner of a wordpress.com account has that gravatar assigned to that email address generally now, not just inside wordpress.com.
    Nifty, isn’tit?

  6. Kyriarchy

    Lord have mercy, another neologism.

  7. When does a neologism stop being a neologism, I wonder? Is it time-based? Based on spread outside its niche?


  8. I have lots of work colleagues who won’t say the word “blog” without arch, knowing self-reference at how informed they are about the ways of the Internet. These new words!


    Yeah I think that’s probably for the best. In any case I realise it’s more a piece of technical jargon rather than a neologism, immediately intelligible in its own field (ie. feminist political philosophy) if a bit opaque outside it.

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