Here, have a puppy

Because the unrelenting ghoul-fest in the media today is getting me down, I want to see something cute and fluffy. Who’s found something else interesting to watch/read/talk about today?

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  1. I would so love to get a puppy, but I just know that I don’t have the follow through to train a dog properly and that it would be a disaster *like the last two were, ahem*. My husband still has the scars from separating two dogs (our dogs) fighting and the vet bill was horrendous. What I need is a lazy, pre-trained dog who will sleep on the verandah all day, with perhaps a wuff or two in the direction of the chooks, who then springs into action as soon as the kids gets home and runs around with them until they all flop down exhausted for dinner. There are only two problems with this: a) people who have dogs like that tend to keep them, and b) my son is scared of dogs.

  2. Mindy, I had a dog like that – well except for the springing into action bit, the only time he sprang into action was in an attempt to kill the cat. He was generally a pacifist, but the cat started it by refusing his repeated friendship requests. He was Barney, an RSPCA dog, and he was a self-mobile, self-warming lap blanket. I miss him, he died of a brain tumor a few years ago. Now I just have a self-satisfied, often malicious beagle who firmly believes he is superior to us all.
    I have been reading the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest winners – Although I can’t guarantee it is ghoul-free, it is Malcolm Turnbull and Michael Jackson-free.
    Also been teaching my 4yr old the joys of the Muppets on YouTube. Heh.

  3. Margaret Fulton on Masterchef was a highlight – you just wanted to wrap her up and take her home with you!
    Twisty of IBTP also has an adorable new puppy. (As well as Stanley – Squeeeee!)

  4. Bulwer-Lytton is so great. There were some great ones as ever, but was it me or did it seem more rife with juvenile sexist humor this year?
    I had a bad day yesterday so I spent a good hour on YouTube cuteness and interspecies goodness (pardon the laziness re: formatting links):
    Puppy vs. Puffy
    Rottweiler hiccups
    The Most Dangerous Cat in the World
    The Song of Romeo
    Surrogate mother cat does not appreciate her baby possums’ grip
    Rat must get cat very clean right away
    Chicken surprise
    Sharkey’s chicks:
    Sharkey’s bunny:

  5. This is the most recent canine addition to my extended family:

    He is even more disgustingly cute than this photo would suggest.

  6. @Mindy, I only just followed your link.
    Words fail.

  7. Oh yeah WOW, that link was a humdinger!

  8. Mindy, we have a dog like that – we got him when his elderly owner died and he was offered free to good home. He’s a ten year old pug. Loves the cat. Loves the bunny. Loves us. Sleeps contentedly most of the day but springs into action for a walk (or anything food related – we call him the floorivore, because he will eat anything that falls on the floor).
    The poor pumpkin was accidentally left in the courtyard yesterday until it got dark (he had a bone, so was quite happy out there until it got dark) and when he howled and I let him back in he was so happy that he danced around me in circles making little spluttering noises for about ten minutes. He is the cutest.thing.ever.

  9. Right, must start stalking elderly dog owners!

    I have seen piccies of your puppy, he is indeed the cutest thing ever.

  10. Mindy, I have to agree, weirdest. link. ever.
    I second the elderly dog owner thing. When we were dog hunting at the Lost Dogs home for our elder dog Maggie, we saw more than one dog which was from an elderly owner that had died, or was over 5 years old anyway. These dogs are often complete champions and deserve a second chance. Most people want a younger dog, so if you actually want an older dog you’re Gold.
    Boynton’s another person who appreciates an older dog.
    (In Memoriam Sam, our 10 yo Standard poodle who was relinquished by a retired couple who had to move into undoggy accommodation.)

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