Femmostroppo Reader – July 11, 2009

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  • The Liberals, women and the Mad Monk
  • – gender & politics

  • The Road to Edinburgh: what’s the secret of a good joke, timing
  • – Part 1 in ThirdCat’s series on putting on her debut solo show at the Fringe

  • The Turn-Around Trick
  • – Quickie from Echidne

  • In-fighting injures feminism
  • Why *I* hate try-hard Harry Potter dissers and the boring articles they produce
  • – “Yes, you’re SO right – it’s your co worker who has the problem with age appropriate behaviour and idiocy not you! You wept openly at your desk that another human found some joy in their life upon the imminent release of a new movie (a movie that wasn’t ‘Oh wow, locking people up and forcing them to kill one another is just so fucking SEXAY’)? I’m no doctor, but I’d suggest getting the fuck over yourself.”

  • The Musings of the Midnight Fox – I've had an idea.
  • – “There’s been a lot of press since the murder of Dr George Tiller, a provider of late-term abortions to women whose babies were horrifically deformed or would not survive past birth, or young girls who had had no idea they were pregnant. Apparently this leaves only two late-term abortion providers in the USA. Needless to say, these doctors and their clinics are constantly harassed, vandalised and certainly not respected.

    The doctors and their staff have to go through abuse and intimdating phone calls and hate mail every day.

    My idea: . Send them a postcard to say Thank you for giving women a choice”

  • Murderer of Dr. Tiller keeps up his hatred campaign from behind bars
  • – “
    In addition to being a whiner who cries out that he’s ‘being treated like a murderer!’—no, I am not making that up—-Scott Roeder is also distributing hate literature from behind bars.

    Now, imagine, say, if this guy’s name was Abdul Mohamed, what would happen at this point?”

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  1. From “In-fighting injures feminism

    I do think that when a man buys you dinner it is disingenuous to think you haven’t given him the impression that something sexual may happen.

    How fresh. And edgy.

  2. @ Lauredhel:
    I wondered who would be the first to pick up on that revolting remark. It’s interesting in light of this paragraph:

    Other publicity opportunities I have been less keen to take up – an national newspaper article, for example, that wished to pitch my mum and I against each other each talking about feminism from the perspective of our own generation. We have things to say on this, of course – we agree with each other on about 80 per cent of feminist issues, and strongly disagree on the rest. But we didn’t trust the editors not to make us out to be having a major argument. After all, it’s not just my mum and I who largely agree with each other but most feminists have more that binds us together than tears us apart.

    I wonder what her mother would think of that sentiment?

  3. BTW, best comment (IMO) on that thread ?(who appears to have a non-functioning ‘x’ key on hir keyboard?)

    Other than that, the so-called catfighting is actually a lengthy, nuanced, technical, difficult, painful, essential debate that women have been having for quite some time now. But women don’t do that, do they? They gossip and bitch and complain. They definitely don’t have political theories or philosophical arguments. Nope, they disown their own mothers and chat behind each other’s backs. Yep.
    I actually think that buying into this media myth of the se y bitchy feminists vs the authentic hairy feminists is bloody well accepting that women are stupid, spiteful and shallow, and unable to come up with anything worthwhile. Bollocks to that. I do not have enough time to go reiterating the same old oppressive rubbish, and I’m sure we mostly agree on that.

  4. Scott Roeder is also distributing hate literature from behind bars.
    Now, imagine, say, if this guy’s name was Abdul Mohamed, what would happen at this point?”

    While this is a good point to make, I do wish it had been made using a real name.

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