Take unpaid leave or lose your job

This appears to be a looming trend:

Bendigo Bank urges staff to take unpaid leave

The Bendigo Bank is asking its 5,000 staff to take up to 10 days unpaid leave in a bid to avoid job cuts.

It follows similar calls from some major international corporations, including British Airways.

The Finance Sector Union (FSU) is urging staff to consider the move.

But the union’s national secretary, Leon Carter, is unhappy at what he calls a lack of consultation with staff.

“These sorts of situations aren’t solved by decrees from on high, they’re resolved by sitting down and talking with staff and the union,” he said.

“Because at the end of the day, Bendigo [and Adelaide Bank] staff and the FSU want to maximise employment.”

He says urgent discussions with the bank are needed.

“Long-term solutions to the global financial crisis aren’t going to be achieved by some people taking leave and others not,” he said.

“If there has to be a long-term solution, let’s sit down with the bank, talk to them about it, and figure out a solution.”

There are more than 400 Bendigo Bank branches across Australia.

More in the Hun:

In addition to working for free, workers have also been encouraged to use all of their accrued annual leave, including long service leave, by the close of this financial year.

Bank spokesman Owen Davies said the bank anticipated a strong take-up of the voluntary scheme, which begins next month.

The unpaid leave plan equates to a 4 per cent pay cut.

I’m not sure where the Hun’s “working for free” comes in – surely they’re not being asked to come into work while officially being on unpaid leave? None of the other news reports that I’ve found indicate such a thing.

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  1. My husband has been working without pay since July 2. He works for the state (I work at the same office, but only during the northern-hemisphere winter). Rendell and his buddies in the state legislature are still dancing with each other over the budget, so no pay for my husband or coworkers. They’ll get paid once the budget is passed — up to a point (I think sometime this month actually) after which nope, no pay at all. But if you want to keep the job, you have to come to work, same schedule as always.
    But hey: at least he still HAS that job. With benefits and all. I’m not going to complain.
    I WILL complain about the muffler falling off our car today, though.

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