Watching Whales Watching Us

From the NYT: a heartbreakingly beautiful essay that combines lyrical descriptions of whales with sobering facts about how our oceanic noise pollution threatens them.

Gray whales migrating off the Californian coast

Gray whales migrating off the Californian coast

And then, within moments, the mother was surfacing again off to our stern and doubling back in our direction, but this time with her newborn male in tow: a miniature version of herself — if two tons of anything can be referred to as miniature — the calf’s skin still shiny and smooth. The baby gray glided up to the boat’s edge, and then the whole of his long, hornbill-shaped head was rising up out of the water directly beside me, a huge, ovoid eye slowly opening to take me in. I’d never felt so beheld in my life.

You can see some photos of such moments with adult gray whales off Baja California here and here (just click the links for handy-dandy new shadowbox effect if you have javascript enabled).

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