Otterday! And Open Thread.

From the Chestnut Centre again comes this little otter.


Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. That one is just begging for a caption. Too cute.

  2. “Do I look like an Ocarina to you?”

  3. Anyone have any killer sentences I should include in my letter of complaint to my City Counsellor? I’ve had yet another “Oh, this accessibility fail is someone ELSE’s fault” conversation. That makes *three* this week, and I’ve had enough.

  4. Since I have gotten my scooter and my mobility back, for the first time in my life I have noticed just how bad our sidewalks are. Technically we can ride them in bike lanes but the cars seem so oblivious to us. I am going to spend the next couple of weeks researching Canadian disability law. Now that I am out, I am realizing just how inaccessible the city I live in is.

  5. Matt Lucas and Sean Maguire seem to have had a great time filming a costume comedy in Hungary – this is gratuitous hoping-to-go-viral marketing, but I found it quite charming:

  6. Can I just have a small whinge about the price of Oxford Medieval Texts?
    I mean, I’m sure they don’t sell that many copies, thus the price, but for heaven’s sake, US $384.00 for the only translation of Gervaise of Tilbury’s Otia Imperialia seems a bit, er, rich. And you know, they could always sell me an electronic copy for less – it would be better than not selling me one at all!
    But no, instead I have to wait for whoever has borrowed it from my uni library to return it… and then hope no-one has it as a set text this semester…

  7. I spotted a Beppie in medieval costume at Winterfest today.
    My 7 year old spent a good few hours there demonstrating back-strap weaving – he’s so funny and gorgeous when he’s very seriously explaining it all to people and telling them it’s ok to ask him questions. I love this version of Tom 🙂

  8. My 7 year old spent a good few hours there demonstrating back-strap weaving
    His weaving was awesome! I was very impressed.

  9. Hey Renee,
    It’s just such a drama, all the time. And strangely, sidewalk repair seems to get a lot more attention in the more affluent neighbourhoods of Halifax. When we were looking at apartments to rent, we had to give up entirely on one neighbourhood because of how horrible the sidewalks were for Don. Nothing there’s been repaired in so long, some of the phone booths don’t take twoonies. (Which, for the non-Canadians, is our 2$ coin, which has been in use since 1996.)

  10. Everywhere I grew up — in the not-so-good neighborhoods — you were lucky to have a sidewalk at all. I walked in the street more often than not (rare to have bike lanes too) because the ground was so uneven. I noticed it from a young age and thought, why aren’t there sidewalks on every street, what would drive a place to neglect that? It seemed like such a very basic thing to do…
    and yet I never considered that the lack of sidewalks meant many people had little to no mobility in their neighborhoods.
    The simplest things, and nobody notices, nobody seems to care. Because they aren’t that important to a “normal” person. Couldn’t be important at all, then.

  11. @Ann I just keep thinking that it is bad enough that people don’t shovel the sidewalks meaning I will have to give up my scooter in the winter. In the very short time that I can use it, I should not have to deal with crappy sidewalks.

  12. Oh rawr, the snow.
    The bylaw in Halifax is that you have 72 hours after a snowfall to clear your walks (except businesses, which I think need to clear them sooner than that). If you wait 72 hours, it WILL snow again. For a lot of last winter, when Don was still getting used to the chair, he would be on the road because of huge un-cleared sections around here. Or he’d get stuck.

    • There you go, one of those things I’d never considered – the mobility challenges of snow. Because for me, getting around on snow is part of a sporting holiday, not part of daily life for several months of every year.
      Another thwack with the Cluestick.

  13. Snow means lots of falling for me. I don’t have very good balance and you might say I walk like a drunk. 24/7. Normally I can control it well enough that it isn’t too visible but that doesn’t mean “I can control it enough that I actually AM balanced.” Cuz I’m not. I have a hard time walking where I intend to go, I list off to sides, I lean and start to fall but catch myself — I mean, this is every time I walk, period, even in the house.
    So, snow is bad for me. Unless a place has been very good about salting/shoveling. If they haven’t or if it’s icy or if I have to deal with inclines or if I have to hurry — well.
    Sad thing is, I didn’t realize this until JUST NOW reading these comments. And I’m someone who’s upright and ambulatory. And this isn’t just a little thing; my husband helps keep me in line when we’re walking (to the car/through the store/just for a walk/whatever), if I don’t knock him over or cut him off (which I do often). It’s incredibly pervasive, but I just never noticed it until I thought “hm, snow can affect mobility – OH.”
    I’m kind of disturbed at myself, actually.

  14. Bitter experience has taught me to stay indoors when it snows. Even before my nerve damage was super-accelerated the invisible underlying disability meant that every single attempt to walk on snow (back when I could still walk) earned me an ambulance joy-ride.

  15. Love the way twitter etc can be used: new black spot on Jupiter reported to a few mailing lists then ontweeted and known around the world in short order.
    Here’s the original report from am-astronomer Anthony Wesley in Murrumbateman here in Oz, and here’s Phil Plait disagreeing that it’s necessarily due to an impact.

  16. Today I have been mostly procrastinating – but at least we finally have a proper customised header, like I’ve been meaning to do for months.

  17. I luvs it.

  18. It’s my birthday today! I’m 33 years old! *is thrilled*

  19. Ooh! Happy Birthday – I’m turning 33 in…um…what date is this? Maybe in ten days from tomorrow? We’re almost twins…well sort of.

  20. Happy birthday Anna, hope you have fabulous day!

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