SchoolHolidayBlogging: SCIENCE!

Oh, I luff him. And I luff his sense of wonder, of infinite possibilities.

The Lad, age six, has just hatched one of these Growing Lizard Egg Pets, which he bought with five dollars of his pocket money on an outing at the Gingin Gravity Discovery Centre.


We submerged it in a bowl of water, and watched it closely for four days. The lizard slooooowly cracked the egg (note: this was extremely exciting), poked its nose out of the top, then expanded and expanded until it was completely out of the egg.

The lad now has a slightly slimy plastic lizard. I asked him how he thinks it works, and he thought for a while, then he said:

“I have NO idea. It came from the planetarium! Anything could happen about it, because it’s within SCIENCE!”

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  1. One of my Misses Seven (to be Misses Eight, tomorrow! Where did the time go?) got one of these from the Adelaide Museum a few months ago. She hatched it in a big glass bowl, and came into our room with breathless progress reports every morning until it was fully out. We admired it for a few days, and then it became a bath toy, where it seemed to shrink and grow depending on how long the girls had been spending getting clean. Eventually it got so slimy that we threw it out. We had a months long conversation about growth, and water, and evolution, and what might have happened to the dinosaurs, and birds, and the big bang, and did we really all come from stardust, and isn’t science wonderful.
    I love the sense of wonder that children have. And many of the adults I like and admire.

  2. best quote ever!

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