Newsflash: Meyer didn’t invent the cheesy vampire romance genre

So apparently (and who knows if I’ve been hoaxed) the author of The Nocturne has sent Stephenie Meyer a copyright cease-and-desist over Breaking Dawn, the last of the Twilight novels. (Spoilers for both novels, obviously.)

The author, Jordan Scott, claims that Twilight ripped off her ideas and dialogue. There’s a side-by-side text comparison in the infringement letter, which I find both strangely hilarious and utterly unconvincing. Unless you think that Scott was the first person to think up the idea of brides having braided hair, sex on the beach, sex scenes including the word “brushed”, newlyweds using the term “Forever”, fathers-to-be saying their pregnant partners are “beautiful”, parents-to-be discussing names, or demon pregnancies making the mother sick.

Apparently these concepts are completely new, invented by 21st century vamp-oeuvre authors. Who knew?

It’s a fabulous publicity stunt, though. Props for that.

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  1. I nearly snorted tea through my nose reading some of that text. I’m glad to know that 21st century writers invented over decorated reception venues and women looking at their pregnant bellies as well.

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