Because you can’t go a day without this reminder

You know those afternoons where there’s nothing urgent to do, and you’re just tootling around Twitter and Facebook, feeling fairly comfy and content, and then misogyny just hits you abruptly in the face?


I took the What Body Part Are You? quiz on Facebook, expecting some flimsy but inoffensive joke about a liver or thymus or elbow, and got this back: [NSFW]

quiz result, vulva, see description

Description: There’s a diagram of anatomically-labelled thin white male and female bodies, next to a giant vulva-with-tampon costume. The text reads:

Lauredhel completed the quiz “What body part are you?” with the result Meow!.

Thats right.You’re a pussy.Otherwise known as the vagina,snatch,gash,poon,love socket,fleshy taco. You may not be the prettiest of body parts,especially when you let your beard grow uncontrollably,but you make men feel warm and safe.Most of the time.There are a few days a month when,well,lets face it,you make us see red and you walk around surrounded by a bitch all the time..

Well, that little reminder of how much men hate me just made my day. Cheers, dudes.

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4 replies

  1. Wow. That’s actually worse than I imagined it could be. Wow.

  2. OFFS! I hate Farcebook sometimes.

  3. But at least your magical vagina powers apparently allow you surround someone all by yourself. You should fight crime!

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