Gratuitous Gregory Peck blogging

I’m not sure what it is about this man just standing there with a script(?) and looking over his sunglasses into the camera, but MROWR. For me, anyway, and methinks also for @flopearedmule who generously shared this photo with me after she was sent it and bragged about it on Twitter.

But if the Divine Gregory doesn’t do it for you, then who is your knee-weakener of choice?

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    IN A KILT. See: International Kilt Day thread.
    … That is all.

  2. I must join in with the Tennant swooning. He is my current actor of choice, but I have so many knee-weakeners it’s criminal. Oded Fehr, Ioan Gruffudd, James McAvoy, and there’s more but I just got up, and I’m jigged up on painkillers so I’m a little muzzy.
    Jane Fonda. Definitely Jane Fonda. *thud*

  3. Oh tig-tog, damn you. Hair knees and socks get me every time. I grew up around hairy knees and socks (Grandpa was a Scot, Mum grew up in Scotland!) *thud thud thud*

  4. Richard E Grant. Albeit slightly closer to my age than what he is.

  5. Viggo Mortenson. Actor, artist, poet, musician, horseman, all round big spunk…

  6. My day. It has been made.

  7. napalmnacey, there’s definitely something about those blokes wot get to play Hornblower:

    Aphie, sounds like you’re talking about the time of Withnail and I? And have you discovered The REG Temple yet? A fansite that became the actor’s official web site – how cool is that?

  8. KM, here’s one of Viggo looking very poetic indeed!

    and one on horseback:

  9. Alan Rickman, ‘though I’m thinking it’s probably the voice that makes me do the swooney thing.

  10. napalmnacey, several years ago now I did a series on SF boots, and Barbarella was one of the featured films.
    Deborah, I watched Sense and Sensibility again only a few weeks ago – excellent Rickman choice!

  11. Dame Judy Dench. And that Scottish woman with the red hair… hang on… Isla Blair. She is gorgeous. Dame Maggie Smith. Yes, there’s a pattern there. I’m faithful to type.

  12. Oh, several gorgeous women there!
    Here’s Dames Maggie and Judi together in Ladies in Lavender:

    And here’s a young Isla Blair appearing with a young Derek Jacobi:

  13. [Contemplates] I know I have said it before, but Starbuck, pretty much for all of these reasons: (Oh, and TigTog, may I supply pic? [tigtog sez: sure])

    And Johnny Depp, especially in eye makeup, as has been mentioned before, not least for the cheekbones which could shred ice. And David Tennant, esp. when he speaks all Scottish-like and ooh, wears a skirt (I hear they call them kilts ;-)). I also have some Christina Hendricks knee-weakening, both as YoSafBridge and as Joan Holloway. I think it’s the red red hair… amongst other things..
    But to be perfectly honest, my knees go weak for bright people. This has meant in the past that I have had a thing for teachers. These days, sadly, I don’t really *have* teachers. Sigh. Life is so hard 😉

  14. Okey dokey – I’ve never caught Christina Hendricks in anything, so will have to rectify that lack:

    And here’s David Tennant in a skirt:

    And here’s a lush Johnny Depp:

  15. [giggles] David Tennant in an actual skirt? Aww. You made my day! 😉
    And oh, tigtog, you must* watch Mad Men. Some of the most astute and incisive consideration of sexual politics I think I’ve ever seen on TV…
    *Well, y’know, if you want to…

  16. Oh, and *sigh* over that Depp pic. My last partner and I had a deal that if either of us were propositioned by Depp, it was on for young and old. And that we’d invite the other to come along too 😉

  17. But to be perfectly honest, my knees go weak for bright people.
    Oh, me too. There’s a Facebook group you should see called I’m Intellectually Promiscuous.
    May I also suggest Richard Armitage? He was just fabulous in the 2004 adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s North & South. People from multiple generations of my family and friends crush on him.

  18. Oh lordy! Nodding along to many here…then Christina Hendricks and that Johnny Depp pic. I accidentally made an ”aaarrggh” sound when I saw that picture. Oh my! Hendricks & Depp – I’m a sucker for cheekbones! I quite like Adrian Brody and Catherine McClements with her short hair from when she was Goldie in Water Rats (apologies for the bad tele admission but I lived w my mum at that point and she loved it. I loved watching Goldie)

  19. Ah yes, clever people – not even celeb types. Always getting crushes on lecturers/tutors.

  20. Always getting crushes on lecturers/tutors.
    Yes…. then I married one of them.

  21. Deborah: when they were my teachers, I was always far too ethical to put them in ‘such a position’ 😉 And now I *am* a teacher, well… let’s just say, for me it doesn’t go both ways, in general…. maybe I should start a new degree in an area I don’t know, all for the erotic kick 😉 Actually, that’s not a half bad idea. Apart from the actually needing to earn money at some point in my life [gloom].

  22. When I was a tweenie I was madly, deeply in love with Michael York. Yes, go on, you may mock me.

  23. I agree, WP. He was one of several teaching assistants in my Stage 1 statistics workshop, and he was my friend independently of that i.e. before I even turned up in the workshop in which he was an assistant, and he didn’t mark my work, and we didn’t start going out together until a couple of years later. I think we’re in the clear, ethically.

  24. As for students, aside from the small matter of being committed to my husband of nearly 20 years, I don’t even look. It’s simply not fair on anyone. Alan Rickman, on the other hand…

  25. Oh, you totally are, Deborah. I wasn’t being disapproving; more mocking of my younger self. I actually think there’s a tad more flexibility around this stuff than I as an undergrad would ever allow myself to think. That is, to be clear, whilst at the time, it’s obviously a problem, that doesn’t mean you can’t a) be friends (I know, I think I have too vivid an imagination: my potential narratives stopped even that!) or, following on from that, b) screw them silly once you’re both well and truly out of that pre-established relationship, or c) demonstrate some kind of interest, even if you both know it’s not going to go anywhere (egos are allowed to be stroked, I guess, even if, uh, other parts are out of the question). But seriously, what kind of student worries about not putting the person with the real power in that position? [rolls eyes at self].

  26. Helen, I could never mock you for that! Logan’s Run had that effect on many people, what with Jenny Agutter steaming up the screen as well.

  27. Deborah, you feel that if you were magically transported to Hogwarts you could find yourself stroking Professor Snape’s *ahem* ego?

  28. I must admit I am also partial to Alan Rickman’s voice. Especially when he says “The air is full of spices” in S&S. Yummers!

  29. [Contemplates] I know I have said it before, but Starbuck, pretty much for all of these reasons: (Oh, and TigTog, may I supply pic? [tigtog sez: sure])
    I’ll be in my bunk…

  30. @ Tigtog.
    I know, we can watch Roman Holiday, you can have Gregory Peck and I’ll have Audrey Hepburn…

  31. @ purrdence,

    What a wonderful idea!

  32. Mads Mikkelson has some of the scythingest cheekbones I’ve seen. I think I must be more of a devilish grin and saturnine eyebrows person however: Brian Blessed! Don’t laugh I think he’s lovely, still. And more recently Michael Fassbender. But really if they don’ t clone Brian Blessed soon it will be a tragedy.

  33. Paul Newman. And Annie Lennox. Go figure.

  34. Oooh! I second the Annie Lennox vote.

  35. Oh, thank you for the Annie Lennox suggestion, because otherwise I might never have heard of Sleeveface (they’ve got a Flickr group and FB too)
    So, Lennox as I first encountered her:

    Classic Richard Avedon portrait:

    Lennox with a teddy bear:

  36. Mads Mikkelson about to be horrible to Daniel Craig:

    Brian Blessed bearded (loved him clean-shaven as Augustus though):

    Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward with pet:

    And for Chally, way upthread @19, here’s Richard Armitage making an honest woman of Geraldine Granger:

  37. One thing I do notice as I’ve been looking for pics, especially of pics of some of the folks I’m less familiar with, we Hoydenizens do tend to have a thing for folks with that thinkythoughts light in their eyes.

  38. You are very good to us, tigtog.

  39. Heh – this thread has turned into a delightful procrastination aid!
    I will have to come up with some sort of image theme (alongside our usual cheezburger fare) on a regular basis so I have an excuse to practice my google-fu.

  40. Yes I was thinking about this, about how a lot of men would be all ‘OH you nasty hypocritical feminists, you’re OBJECTIFYING aren’t you’. Except there’s such a difference between that compartmentalised rating/ranking dehumanising ‘who’s got the best rack ever’ type of men’s mag shit and ‘Oh hey, you know, I’ve always fancied so and so, because don’t you think s/he’s got a nice cheeky glint in the eye/fiesty attitude/swoony-making-swagger/intellect/voice – as well as nice cheekbones/arms/hair what have you?

    • @FP
      There are, as you are no doubt aware, a plethora of highly objectifying images available online of most of the knee-weakening folk pictured on this thread. Because it’s so very easy and so very typical to treat them just as eye-candy.
      It takes more than just stunning bone-structure and nicely toned and proportioned limbs/torso to make my knees weak. There has to be something intriguing about the personality that shines through their performance persona. And if the personality is sufficiently intriguing, I don’t care if the bone structure and figure is on the plain-ish side. Miriam Margolyes, Kathy Bates, Philip Glenister, Robbie Coltrane, Billy Connolly – they’re all sexy as hell, but none of them are beauties.

  41. I find people with an exciteable, irrepressibly boisterous temperament utterly irresistable. Phil Harding from Time Team for eg. Both Phil and Brian Blessed have featured in Grauniad’s “Why I Love…” series.

  42. Miriam Margolyes… how did I overlook her? Thanks for reminding me Viv.

  43. We saw her in Blithe Spirit at Sydney Theatre a few years ago, with Pamela Rabe as the spirit. Now that’s what I call an evening’s entertainment. It was marvellous. Miriam ran around the stage like a child – despite her size she’s like thistledown, and it gives you a sense that she is very quick and sharp and I find that really sexy.

  44. And ooh! Tony Robinson (Baldrick from Blackadder) has one of his history shows on ABC1 tonight – I love those.

  45. Tony Robinson reminds me of Paul Livingston.

    I also love Helena Bonham-Carter.

  46. Miriam Margolyes! I loves her!! SUCH a beautiful woman!

  47. And again you may mock me, but I just think Owen Wilson is terribly cuuuuute. Especially when he plays an angry character like the little cowboy in Night at the Museum. A good looking guy who is also really funny is a great combination. I was terribly sad for him when he attempted suicide.

    • Owen Wilson is perhaps overthinking the thinky-thoughts. I once wrote a draft post about how I thought he’d be a great casting choice for a Julius Caesar biopic – he’s got the exact look from the sculptures we have.

  48. Wilson’s pretty cute but he reminds me of Odie from the Garfield cartoons (ie. looks like he’s been chasing parked cars).
    And I realise that Twilight is pretty much filmata-non-grata around here but Jackson Rathbone makes a heart-stopping blonde.

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