Femmostroppo Reader – August 13, 2009

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • This is the way the (working) world should be
  • – “I’m not suggesting that 3 days a week should be compulsory, just that is should be the default instead of 5. Also, some people might prefer working 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, or some other combination.

    And of course, there would be another massive benefit – meetings would be harder to call. Perhaps even only the necessary meetings would go ahead. And since many people might have to call into them, hearing kids in the background (or birds, or whatever) might no longer automically imply that you have suddenly lost all your professional skills.

    And maybe, with not everyone always there, the ridiculous culture of working insane hours would start to abate.”

  • Author wins fight over "whitewashed" book cover.
  • – yay for Larbalestier!

  • I’m about to be a jerk on the Internet or RaceFail Goes To WorldCon
  • – more racefail than you can shake a stick at

  • It's a Taser-happy police state
  • – badly trained and/or sadistic police with Tasers scare me – how about you?

  • A Fat Princess Speaks
  • – “To have been unaware of the capacity for a charmingly drawn, colorful game to help unleash vitriolic, devastating insults, threats, and death wishes out loud in real life may have been naive, careless, or disingenuous.”

  • Reaction Part 1
  • – Harriet deals with reactions to her previous widely linked post on rape jokes: I Dunno, Rape Jokes Are NEVER Funny? I Can’t Really Agree With That | I Don’t Know Any Women Who Haven’t Been Raped | Why Do You Even Hang Out With That Guy/I Would Have Punched That Dude In The Face/Why Don’t You Just Tell Him You Were Raped | It’s Just a Joke, Get Over It

  • Two More Things
  • – “When you make rape jokes, bear in mind that you’re not just making them around potential rape victims. You’re making them around potential rapists. You are making a joke that tells the women around you who have been raped that you think their rape wasn’t serious, and you are making a joke that tells the men around you who have raped that you think what they did is not serious.

    You are telling rapists that they have an ally in you.” and “people who make rape jokes like that, walk around feeling that it is intolerable that they are not allowed to mock women and other minorities. I think they find it intolerable because there are sexist and racist thoughts roiling around in their heads, and yet no 100% socially acceptable way to let them out. And that tension has to get relieved, and it comes out as a joke. And then when somebody says, “Hey, man, rape joke, not cool,” the conversation becomes about whether or not it’s okay to make a joke to relieve tension, instead of a conversation about why it makes you tense when you aren’t allowed to treat rape as a joke.”

  • Will the Real Kelly Clarkson Please Stand Up?
  • – “This is absolutely classic. Clarkson is confident and doesn’t care what people think. We just wanted to make her look her best. So we trimmed off some pounds Clarkson is fine with showing. By doing that, we once again perpetuated a lie about how women really look. This adds to the burden that every woman who looks at this cover carries.”

  • Motherhood, AP and Feminism
  • – parenting and sacrifice – cristy calls for more detailed discussion

  • National Marriage JUST FOR US Day
  • – the religious right get their day of smugger in Parliament House

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  1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/08/13/2655102.htm
    “Radio duo Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O will return to radio next week, their employer Austereo says.”

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