Youtube of the Day: han solo, p.i.

via my mailing list of invisible friends (thanks SW).

One for Liss! (if she’s seen it, she hasn’t posted anything on it that’s showed up on my feed reader yet)

And just to remind those who aren’t regularly watching reruns of Magnum PI on the teevee, after the cut there’s a side by side comparison of the original credits and the Han Solo tribute credits.

ZOMG – there’s a Star Wars/Dallas mashup and a Star Wars/Macgyver mashup as well! Will this vein of cheese run on forever?

Oh look – Star Trek: The Next Generation / Dallas opening theme.

Now, who makes the better A-Team mashup – Star Trek or Star Wars? Our favourite Time Lord, or The Lord of the Rings? Or is it those masters of mayhem, The Young Ones?

Some of the editing in these last few leaves a bit to be desired (tho the LOTR one is excellent). If you find a better mashup of an ordinary effort, let me know?

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  1. It’s that look there at the end that made Thomas Magnum & Han Solo both part of my teenage fantasies (but I’d take a ride in the Millennium Falcon over a mere Corvette any day).

  2. Peggy, me too! Obi Wan has an edge over Higgins, too.

  3. Someone did Battlestar Galactica/Dallas.
    Also, Doctor Who done as Angel, Charmed, Cold Case, Dallas, Friends, MacGyver, and Roswell.
    Plus Torchwood done as Angel, CSI, and Prison Break.
    Oh, not quite in the vein of the thread, but too good not to mention.
    Finally, a Doctor Who/Bones, notable because it has some scenes I don’t recognise…

  4. And the Han Solo PI is a work of genius.

  5. Sorry for the string of posts, but I got the Doctor Who/Rosewell one wrong. And found a Doctor Who/Battlestar Galactica one.
    And the Sarah Jane Adventures, done as Buffy, Veronica Mard, and Xena.

  6. LOL! Awesome. Totally awesome.

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