Virtual travelling: equivalent to 19 marathons in 22 days and counting

Eddie Izzard is spending August and most of September running around the UK. All four capitals and as much in between as he can manage. 1100 miles averaging 30 miles a day for 6 days a week. For charity (Sports Relief, an arm of Comic Relief).

He only trained for 5 weeks before setting off.

I’ve been following him on Twitter as he lets us know where he is on his journey, and was cheered a few days ago to see that he had a day off. He only went and found himself a gig to do that night instead of just resting up.

Barking mad. But in a good way.

Anyone wanting to sponsor his run can head to the Sport Relief donation page to do so.

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  1. Five weeks, say what?
    I am doing the Bridge Run, Milsons Pt to Opera House 9km, at the end of September and plan to walk large slabs and probably need a month’s more training than I’m getting to do just that!

  2. I think he had been running regularly for a while beforehand as a fitness/leisure pursuit, it was just ramping it up from whatever he was doing (5 or 10 miles regularly) to a 30 mile a day schedule that was extraordinary. I don’t think there’s any way he could have done it if he hadn’t already been regularly running.

  3. Final proof (if proof were needed) that Izzard is truly a mad bastard. Wonder if he’ll do any performances when he hits us here in Edinburgh?

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