How many things wrong with this idea?

blue milk: who knew there was so much to say about feminist motherhood? (Cross-posted over there).


This is the current cover of The Main Edge and their faaascinating lead story on alcoholic milkshakes – “Milkshakes aren’t just for kids anymore”.

Hence, the issue becomes how to combine the delicious, youthful chill of ice cream with the more mature, sophisticated tastes of the cocktail. Essentially, we’re looking for the best of both worlds here.

So what’s the solution? Simple. Adult milkshakes!

Occasionally I give the benefit of the doubt and wonder if a particular instance of  the sexualising of young girls has arisen more from a momentary lapse of judgement than deliberate depravity in the tiny little brain of a baron of commerce – it can happen when you spend too long on the slippery slope that is the pornification of female imagery, but this case is way past that. This is shameless. The young girl in a bikini straddling the milkshake? And, anyway what happened to her bikini bottoms? The whipped cream between her legs? The symbolic cherry? The phallic straws? Have I missed anything?

(Thanks Lisa M. Ray for the tip off).

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  1. Yuck!
    And what the hell is wrong with her bikini bottoms? What are they doing there? I can’t picture how she’s *wearing* that!

  2. Or for that matter, her leg? It looks like the graphics person shaved a bit too much flesh off her leg. To add to all the Fails that apply to this picture already, we get to add Photoshopping Fail as well.

  3. I think we (by which I mean men) are being invited to think her “bottoms” aren’t covering her crotch at all, and what we can see is just a cord round her waist. Of course, that cord provides some deniability for if we get called on it.

  4. Looks to me like you’ve shamed them into rethinking that one, Bluemilk! I clicked through, and we have no deformed hypersexualised young girls in (or not in) bikinis at all. Just milkshakes!

  5. Nobody must have told me that milkshakes are only for kids, since I drink them all the time. ‘Adult milkshakes’ sounds like a way of charging double the price for something half the size of the normal milkshake. What a rort.

  6. According to that article adults don’t eat icecream either. You bastards! You’ll take my icecream out of my cold, dead hands!

  7. WP @4:
    I think that’s the image of the milkshakes before they photoshop!failed the girl onto it.
    I’m glad they changed it, that picture was disgusting 😦

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