Otterday! And Open Thread.

spottedotterThis African spotted-necked otter, Lutra maculicollis, is from a Zoo and Aquarium Visitor article about the upcoming Monterey Aquarium otter activity weekend. The name of the weekend? Otter Days!

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Argh, my internet speed has been throttled back to snail mode until the 16th of this month. Eep!
    I have also been horrifying myself reading stories of students’ senses of entitlement and worse over at What Ladder?
    I don’t get why people who pay for music tuition and don’t expect kids without talent or application to be the next superstar, or who pay for Little League but don’t expect kids without talent or application to win Olympic Gold, suddenly come over all “I’m paying tuition therefore you have to give me not just a passing grade but an A”. Is it just because academic achievement is considered so “subjective”?

  2. Do you know that rut you get into, where your brain is wrapped in cottony fog and you can’t seem to get your mind working, and you feel that need to write? It’s the creative urge that I can’t explain in words, but combined with this cognitive haziness it’s the most frustrating thing on earth. Because I’m longing for that satisfaction that I get when I write something that really nails what’s going on in my mind, but at the same time my mind is … rather soft and mushy, not exactly nail-able. (And this kind of strange metaphor is exactly how I end up writing when I’m like this.)
    Anyway. That’s me, and has been for a few weeks. Bleah.

  3. Well I just want to say thanks Tigtog for pointing me in the way of What Ladder. I love it, and have come away with many new favourite (and wildly inappropriate) phrases.
    I’ve been away from H.A.T/commenting for a bit due to having my net access throttled for the last two and a half weeks. Just got back proper speed yesterday.

  4. I keep forgetting about that net throttling thing in Australia. You’d think I remembered, after the horrible bill I got. And no, I’m not telling that story, because it still gives me nightmares. No net bill should have that many zeros.
    @Amandaw *hug* I wish I had some helpful advice, but all I’ve got it blah. I feel that way about my thesis some days. “I have words! Why are they not coming out!”
    @FP I’m glad you’re back. 🙂
    Y’all, I have had such a productive week. I learned how to screen print with pretty ink! Don & I made a futon! We bought a freezer! (I haven’t plugged it in yet, I just keep admiring it.) I finally sent in my prof of citizenship to the NS Government! I bought mouse-be-gone thingies that make mice want to be far far away! And school starts next week, and I looked at my sylabus for one of my courses, and I will never see you again. At least, not until December. Woe. 😦

  5. Ugh, a hideous week, though it finished beautifully with Aimee Mann (aka the goddess incarnate ;-)), and some snuggles with my sweetie. But I am unhappy because an incompetent academic – no, scratch that, a permanently-employed-so-really-doesn’t-give-a-fuck-about-the-precarious-situation-of-others academic – now means that I cannot apply for a postdoc this year at the uni I wanted to. I’ve whinged about this all over twitter, and had much sympathy, but the anger is on slow burn.
    There’ll be other postdocs, and other places to apply, and even this will have a do-over. It’s just it only happens once a year, and this whole precarious limboland of surviving on casual teaching is less fun than it might appear. ;-P
    Sympathies on the throttling, Tigtog. Frustrating as hell. I always give in after about a day, and buy a data block ;-P I’m weak that way.
    Oh, Anna, we will miss you with your busy-ness! But it sounds like things might be going well at grad school, at least on the academic side?

  6. Aimee *was* lovely. I’m such a sucker for live music performers – I’d never thought of Ben Lee as cute but after being good-naturedly heckled for my late arrival and seeing his charming and offbeat on stage persona I certainly did. And Aimee. Well…hot!!! So tall and I love the suit/scarf/glasses look. She looks so regal all tall and thin and long-featured behind that enormous guitar!! Ben’s guitar looked like a ukelele in comparison.

  7. This week my oldest started school. I have to say his first day was so peaceful around the house. The baby does not start until the 17th. A part of me is going to miss them terribly but a big part of me wants to sing Kool and the Gangs celebration. Okay that is my bad mommy confession for the week.

    I also learned this week that Ontario is considering a law very similar to the ADA in the states. This means that all new building must be wheelchair accessible and that any major renovations on older building must make them wheelchair accessible. I am thrilled by the news though a part of me wishes that they would make all building comply. Why should we have to wait for accessibility until a business can afford it. It was their abelist construction that put them in this position inf the first place.

  8. Good luck at grad school, Anna!

    This week we had a killer Request for Proposal to respond to, and I had a troll at my LJ. Other than that, prepping for NaNo, trying to get some energy back, and settling in for the long weekend is on my list.

  9. Renee, we have similar laws here in Halifax. They kind of irritate me. All new buildings need to be accessible (well, retail and the like, I guess), but they “can’t” require that older buildings be made accessible, or even encouraged to be accessible. When I asked why not, no one could give me an answer.
    I’m currently wondering if I can argue that refusing to put up even a temporary ramp could be considered a “no cripples allowed” sign. Once uni gets started, I’m going to talk to Dal Legal Aid about it. We’re already making a human right’s complaint.
    Thank you to everyone for uni thoughts! I’m so excited and scared and overwhelmed and eeeee!

  10. That is the one thing I hate about the ADA and its setup.
    We have advisory boards and oversight committees for other areas of society where problems occur, but for disability access, it takes a lawsuit before anybody has to change anything to be non-exclusive (I hate the word “inclusive” in these contexts). Not that there’s really much chance we could get one of those (like the US’ EEOC, forex?) when we can’t even get an oversight committee for consumer financial products…
    It’s just stupid that it’s basically “OK, we refuse to make anything accessible until you actually make it a problem for us that it’s not” — and I don’t mean that in the way that a lot of other things work as far as social responsibility in capitalism, where companies won’t act responsibly until people complain loud enough. No, not even that. It’s only when it actually starts costing them significant money (lawsuits they can’t settle cheaply on the side) that they have to make a half-hearted effort at it.

  11. And I don’t want to do a lawsuit. I just want to be able to buy local products like everyone else can. But we can’t even get into the damned shops.
    When I was in Montreal, they had these ramps that you could carry in and out of the business. They looked light weight and everything. You wouldn’t even have to renovate.

  12. Well, I’ve has a busy day sorting out pqaperwork for the accountant. To reward myself, I hopped into a computer accessory shop and invested in a flexible keyboard to go with my netbook. I got it home and sadly not all the keys work. On the top row I only get ERTYUIOP, and the 3, 6, and 9 of the numberpad section don’t work either.
    As it happens, I’m hading back to the accountant tomorrow with some papers that we signed tonight, so I get the chance to take it back and exchange it. Obviously, I’m also going to take mynetbook with me, and they can prove that the replacement works right there in the store or else.

  13. I also wish to complain about what the director has had Wardrobe andMakeup inflict upon Keeley Hawes in Ashes to Ashes. Sure, they’ve turned Philip Glenister’s Gene Hunt into a pantomime boo-hiss villain as well, but at least his outfits aren’t ridiculous. Police detectives didn’t dress up like disco divas to go to work in the 80s, FFS.

  14. I need some techie help! On windows XP at home we all have our own accounts. When we log into my husband’s account the keyboard doesn’t work. It works on the other 3 accounts. I have run Mal-aware, Anonymizer anti spy-ware and we have AVG and none of them can find anything. Any ideas?

    • That sounds more like a problem with the administration permissions given to various accounts. I highly doubt that a virus would be so selective, unless possibly your husband is the only administrator account, which a worm might target, but I would expect it to disable the mouse as well in that case.
      I’d be looking at the Settings for the keyboard drivers in your computer Control Panel.

  15. Ok, I’ll give that a try. Who knows what the kids have randomly opened up and fiddled with. thanks TT

  16. Police detectives didn’t dress up like disco divas to go to work in the 80s, FFS.
    Except Johanna Lumley in The New Avengers?

    • Weren’t the Avengers, original and New, secret agents rather than police detectives? Women spies were *meant* to be femme fatales, weren’t they?

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