New Hoyden authors! and new Down Under Feminist Carnival!

As part of the switch to the new server and domain name, we’ve added a few more authors to the roster to spice up your Hoyden mix. Queen Emily and Wildly Parenthetical have already posted under their own by-line, expect posts in the not too distant future from Hexy and Mary as well.

Not all of our new authors will be posting here often, seeing as some have theses and dissertations that they are (meant to be) prioritising in their writing time. We eagerly await their therapeutic forays into bloggerly procrastination here whenever the mood strikes them.

Hexy for one has been busy putting together the latest edition of the Down Under Feminist Carnival over at Hexpletive. Check it out.

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  1. Well, accidentally closing comments on this post as well as stuffing up the URL to hexy’s festival post was less than brilliant.
    Link has now been corrected.

  2. Now that comments are working, I just want to offer a huge WELCOME to Queen Emily, Wildly Parenthetical, Hexy, and Mary! Yinz are all awesome, and thanks so much for being willing to join the Hoyden Horde.

  3. Aw, thanks, O our Hoyden Leaders 😉 I’m honoured to be on board!

  4. Yay! Welcome to new bloggers! 😀

  5. Thanks! It’s only a shame in terms of output that my (computer science) thesis can’t be posted here.

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