Friday Hoyden: the Eleventh Doctor’s new companion

No spoilers apart from long announced casting decisions. I link at the end to an article with more spoilers, so don’t click on that if you wish to remain surprised next year.

Anyway, allons-y! I like the look actress Amy Pond displays in this shot taken on set for next year’s series of Doctor Who – a bit more hipster than Rose, Martha or Donna, but still practical for the inevitable loads and loads and loads of running.

The look unveiled for Matt Smith’s Doctor (see below)is not so appealing to me, and has indeed been met with a resounding “noooooooo!1!” from certain corners of fandom, followed by a “that’s not my Doctor”.

I’m hoping that he’s dressed like this just for one story set a century or so ago – the cut of the jacket and the trousers looks just too wrong for the Doctor we’ve come to enjoy over the last few years. (not linking here to the photo which shows that better, it contains a major casting spoiler)

TheTARDIS too has been rejigged, if you look closely above. More blocky, and a brighter blue. Will we like all these changes or not? (please be spoiler-sensitive in comments, some people like to be surprised)

Image credits: io9 – beware casting spoilers

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  1. The Kid and I are both in agreement- this doctor looks like the whiny emo professor character in so many mangas. I expect that at some point a pokemon will come shooting out of his sonic screwdriver. And we are not amused.

  2. My brother and I, on the other hand, are deeply amused by the Doctor’s outfit, because it looks exactly like several of the things my brother has stashed in his wardrobe. I don’t know if they were aiming for a “newlywed post-grad who shops at St Vinnie’s” look deliberately, but we like it. (My sister-in-law has flat refused to let him wear a bowtie in public, though.)
    I find the TARDIS colours a bit jarring, but People In The Know tell me that this is necessary for the new HD filming, and it will probably look more normal in the finished show.

  3. I am totally thrilled that she’s wearing hightops with a skirt. This is something I want to do but don’t because a) I don’t have skirts that short and knee length skirt + high tops looks quite strange and b) I don’t have a full length mirror so have to take my boyfriend’s word on said strangeness. (I keep telling him he’s probably wrong, but still follow his advice.)
    On him I suspect they intentionally dressed him to look like a postgrad student in antiquities who shops at St Vinnies because he’s so young. Is his hair on purpose?

  4. He’s still not doing it for me.

  5. The outfit does look sort of gandpa chic, but I guess considering his longevity its age appropriate?
    Or… just *uber* hipster ironic?

  6. I read this theory a while back:

    the Doctor’s dress sense has tended to trail about fifty years behind the production date, so as to be noticeably not-of-this-time without being uncomfortably unfamiliar, and that the ideal aesthetic for a 2000s Doctor would therefore be “tweedy 1950s academic”.

    I kinda like it.
    ETA – Woot! I can edit now.

  7. He was mostly on the ok side of ‘meh’ for me till I saw Party Animals this week; now I’m rather intrigued and looking forward to the new season more. He’s definitely got a little depth and flair going on, and he can do dramatic, pissed-off, and understatedly absurd.
    I loving Pond’s Cons, too.

  8. Hate the TARDIS colour. It’s supposed to look like a ‘real’ leftover police box, not the kind of merchandising models/toys you sell to fans outwith the show. (And is it me, or has it got bigger?)

  9. I think The Doctor is getting smaller…

  10. I like it all very much. I’ve been watching older episodes of Doctor Who, and seeing these pictures, it FEELS like the Doctor again. Odd. Strange. Not quite human. But attractive somehow, even in a funny looking face. I mean, I looooooooooooove David Tennant’s Doctor, he’ll be up there with Baker for me till the end of time, but I’m open to this one. I’m hoping he’ll be something special.
    I like the pants. They remind me of Four’s silly pants. The bow-tie reminds me rather delightfully of Three (PERTWEE WOOHOO) and the jacket is very Five. It’s a strong continuation of a very long thread, and I feel like the baton is on the same road once more.

  11. Oh my! That skirt on the companion is rather short (but I am a prude about that kind of thing).
    More disturbing is the Doctor’s hair. Please tell me it looks like that due him being in a windy location. I’m all for messy hair, but that… it’s just too full or big or wrong somehow. OTOH, I don’t mind the outfit too much.
    The TARDIS looks like a toy!

  12. Is he old enough to shave? Goes with the toy tardis I suppose. A very modern undergrad couple, both shop at Vinnies but at least she has a pair of hightops. I’m looking forward to the day when the Dr and his companion are played by a pair of 9 year olds who battle a mysterious lifeform that converts humans into mindless machines to feed its addiction to novelty.

    • Are the policemen starting to look way too young to you as well?
      Maybe this is just something every Who fan has to go through at some stage? Eccleston was the first Doctor who was younger than me (just) and when I first saw Tennant I thought “whoa, he’s young”. The writing is the key to New Who, and I think Smith can do justice to Moffat’s scripts.
      ETA: the hair does worry me a bit – it’s like Hugh Grant crossed with a puffer fish.

  13. I’m looking forward to the day when the Dr and his companion are played by a pair of 9 year olds who battle a mysterious lifeform that converts humans into mindless machines to feed its addiction to novelty.
    Like this? 🙂

  14. @ Tigtog: But it isn’t just that we are getting older (cough), Who is getting younger, partly I suppose so they can get some unresolved sexual tension into the scripts *Yawn* and maybe to woo new fans to who. I’m sounding like a grumpy owl there. My son’s favourite Who is Jon Pertwee and he no longer likes the new Who either. I bet this is how people who grew up with Marvel comics sounded when new versions of their superheros began appearing on screen. *shakes fist*

  15. A very modern undergrad couple

    He’s 27. I think Who fandom is just aging. With a hint of petrification.

  16. Yeah, in seriousness, Matt Smith isn’t much younger than Peter Davison was when he started playing the Doctor — it’s not like this is a huge break with tradition.

  17. It isn’t about tradition its about whether someone has the experience/depth to portray an x hundred year old being. Ecclestone did that and then some. For the first time (for me) Dr Who was a really very believable being, his history wasn’t just a superficial plot device, it was something that shaped his character, and the way that was portrayed was quite moving and subtle. But Steven Moffat has given this guy a guernsey despite saying he saw Who as someone perpetually 40ish, and since he was responsible for some of the best episodes written for Nine, he must have a cunning plan.

  18. oh thanks Beppie, I feel so much better now! And unlike the survivor of Gallifrey I guess I’m aging but I don’t feel petrified yet and I don’t like his hair. He looks like a twat.

  19. david_h: Please don’t use gendered insults.

  20. Um, david_h, all I said was that Matt Smith isn’t much younger than Peter Davison was in 1981. I’m not quite sure why this was so insulting…

  21. I think he looks too young to be wearing that type of clothing. Maybe without the bow tie it would work for me. And get those kids off my lawn!

  22. Lauredhel sorry my mistake, I should have said twit. apologies.
    and Beppie I wasn’t insulted at all, I just wasn’t expecting someone to actually come up with a video that fits the bill.

  23. Sorry for the thread necromancy, but I thought it might be worth linking to these at the BBC website
    The first photo doesn’t show it, but the other four all show a normal-looking TARDIS, so there is hope of it not looking like plastic in the finished shows. Also, there’s more than one look for Matt Smith, so there might be hope too for those who don’t like the one above.

  24. I’m carefully trying to not feel too much one way or another until the next series starts. I’m feeling rather prejudiced about Moffat and trying to chill out about that. I’m glad to hear the TARDIS doesn’t look so plastic in other shots.

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