Obligatory Sydney dust storm photo

Everyone in Sydney will probably be posting photos of the sky this morning. Have never ever seen a Sydney sky like this before.

Sepia Storm

ETA: Great gallery of shots here

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  1. The Red Sydney Project has a lot too.
    Anyone got Red Canberra photos? Apparently it was much the same, and Canberrans are hurt that Sydney neglects their fellow redness.

    • Here’s a couple of good shots from opposite sides of Lake Burley Griffin:

      from the top of Parly 

      Todays weather is Beige

  2. And Mindy sent me these from Yass!

  3. Bye-bye topsoil. 😦 “And how could this be? For he IS the Qwizatz Haderac!” 😛

  4. My asthma played up a little, but mostly my sinuses have gone nuts.
    Naturally, I’d left the damp black washing on the line overnight, yesterday! :p

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