Can’t grab a Flickr image URL any more? Here’s a fix.

bee on lavender flowersSome flickr-using bloggers might have wondered why they suddenly can’t right-click (double-finger-tap, etc) one of their images from a main photo page to “Copy Image Location” any more.

This is apparently a result of flickr’s new People In Photos feature, which allows other flickr users to put names to faces in your photos. (If you don’t want people throwing your full name around on your flickr shots, you can disallow this for your photos here – but not for other people’s photos.)

There are a couple of workarounds – you can set your main gallery to Medium size photos and right-click from there; or you can click through to All Sizes and grab image URLs/HTML from there.

But there’s a quicker workaround, if you prefer: GustavoG has whipped up a Greasemonkey script that adds a small “URL” link under each photo. Voila! Show Image URL.

To use this, you must have Firefox with Greasemonkey installed.


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  1. I’ve been whinging about this for days!
    The really infuriating thing…in the support threads, a bunch of pompous Flickr users are trying to claim that right clicking to grab the img url somehow “violates Flickr policies.” It’s like, uh, no, putting an image on your site without linking back to Flickr violates their policies…you should be able to grab the img url however you want to, and some prefer hand coding to clicking through several steps and getting Flickr’s annoying code that they have to fix by hand!!!!!!
    Sorry. As you can tell, I am a little upset about this. *goes to grab the GraseMonkey script*

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