Friday Hoyden: Nieceblogging – what’s she making?

My brother’s daughter’s hoyden and geek credentials are impeccable. At 21, she has already travelled to and spoken at UN conferences as a member of the Youth Climate Coalition, including Cancun and Durban (2011), where she was one of the activists expelled for protesting against the direction the conference was taking. She’s studying science (and other things) at Monash, and is an active feminist who took part in the action against the rape joke “debate” at Station 59.

Here she is bonding with her Dad over the Christmas break by doing a little gadget construction. Bonding with your daughters doing electronics, woodwork, mechanics or baking: A very feminist thing to do over the holidays and there should be a lot more of it.

Different electronic parts scattered about a table top.

“The beginnings of the [redacted]!”

I thought I’d throw it open to the geeks and Hoydens at HAT: What is she making? Hint: It’s something not many households have, and it’s really, really cool. Guesses in comments below. The caption comments are hers.

A hand holding a printed circuit board.

“First go with the soldering!”

Woman bending over a printed circuit board with a soldering iron

“On to the capacitors!”

Latest update:

“Soldering for nearly four hours straight. My neck hurts but SOON I will have a [redacted]!

So, what are they making? Have at it in comments!

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  1. Well, after a quick look at the Jaycar catalogue and the markings on the circuit board, I reckon they’re making a Theremin.
    BTW that’s really neat soldering.

  2. That’s the word I was trying to think of – theremin. Thanks Zoot. Not that I have any idea what it is, just that it has cropped up in my twitter feed a few times lately. Seems it is a ‘thing’.

    – I have to say I thought it would take a bit longer than that!

  4. For the benefit of those who haven’t encountered a theremin before, here is the Wikipedia page:
    And here is some footage of one being played
    (And so, a zillion black and white movies got their soundtrack!)

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