Quickhit: Lesbian mums are “offensive language”, say Scholastic censors

At change.org:

You have to wonder why an organization dedicated to getting students to read would decide to make censorship such an important part of their work. […]

But that’s what Scholastic Books is doing by banning a book from its book fairs simply for the fact that the book contains a girl character who has two lesbian moms. The book in question is Lauren Myracle’s book Luv Ya Bunches, a new book that wittingly covers the trials, tribulations and friendships that a group of young girls go through in school.
Scholastic offered to carry the book provided that Myracle edited it to change the fact that one of the characters has two mommies. In other words, they wanted to give the girl a heterosexual family.

[via Corporate Babysitter]

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  1. I’m not surprised that I’m the first to respond. What else is there to do but sadly *headdesk*?

  2. *headdesk* is all I got, too. I think I’ll crawl into my “in case of <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farenheit_451 rel=”nofollow”>Farenheit 451″” bunker.
    .-= Tera´s last blog ..*Squeak!* It’s open thread time! =-.

  3. Yep smacked is my gob. And yet not… Just irritated as per usual at how normalised this shit is.

  4. *sigh* That’s… that’s just great, Scholastic. And by great I mean “straight-up wrong”.

  5. I’ve always found the Scholastic catalogues in my kid’s school bag more of an annoyance than anything. There are a few good bits but in general there is a lot of cheap garish crap. I’d rather browse in a bookshop with my kid.

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