Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s frolicking baby otter is from Misspippylou, an marine park worker, on Youtube. (Check out Fenway, too!)

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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    (Ok, there’s still way too much crap on the floor, and it’s a tighter squeeze than it should be, so still several dozen boxes worth of stuff to sort through and get rid of most of it, but yay!

  2. If anyone hasn’t seen this particular xkcd yet, I thoroughly recommend it for all Star Wars / Lord of the Rings / movie narrative nerds:
    Movie Narrative Charts

    Larger version

  3. (Wishes she had a garage.)

  4. @tigtog: Show off!
    And thankyou, I sought out that xkcd yesterday. 🙂
    I just rescued a cicada. How’s your Saturday?

    • @Ariane – what was the cicada doing that it needed rescuing from? We’ve got a bogong moth hanging about in our front garden that’s been in the same position for hours. Perhaps we should have rescued it the first time we saw it this morning.
      We went for a drive out to La Perouse and then out past the airport to Brighton Le Sands and had a nice lunch that none of us had to cook. I love Greek seafood restaurants – they’re so fussy about the freshness.

  5. @tigtog It was foolishly playing with my sons – I’ve warned them before, but you know insects, they never listen.
    Sounds very pleasant indeed – it became a very lovely afternoon once that breeze came up.
    We’re now settling in for a night with SBS. 🙂

  6. In nature news, today I saw a hawk chasing off an ibis.
    There was an interesting segment on radio national about internet accessibility. Here’s the link to the summary and podcast. Interestingly, there’s no transcript.

  7. Kim: we were just chatting about that elsewhere – yet another inaccessible podcast about accessibility!
    To the ABC’s credit, they typically do transcripts, but they take a few days; but it would be useful to have a “transcript to follow” note and some show notes, instead of leaving people to guess.

  8. Feeling a bit wimpy panicking over one forecast day of 41? throughout the Sydney metro tomorrow. I’ll be roasting at my computer getting code out and trying to keep fetus and myself hydrated I guess. Hope folks coming off the Melbourne-Adelaide heatwave enjoy their reprieve!

  9. Just read the post on the “Shiny Suds” Method commercial at Shakesville. The discussion was about the extreme rape-culture “humour” in the commercial. I did notice anotehr thing, though that the woman/mother yells “Breakfast in 20!” as she walks into the bathroom!
    Unbelievable! I know Australia’s no feminist paradise, but are US women required not only to serve breakfast to their family as opposed to let them get it for themselves, but also provide them with an ETA if it’s not immediately forthcoming? Sheesh.
    (I know one “serves” brekky to toddlers and preschoolers, but you wouldn’t be yelling “Breakfast in 20″ here as if young Jayden was your foreman, or something, to whom you’re beholden for your performance assessment.)

  10. Personally I yell “go get yourself some breakfast” as I walk into the bathroom in the mornings. Or possibly “someone make me a cup of tea!” (And yes, sometimes that even works.)
    It was my daughter’s very over the top end of year dance concert today – 2 performances, matinee and evening. It’s quite enjoyable but I really could have done with some time for my stuff today. Ah well, we had nice mum/daughter time singing together in the car on the way home from the evening show.
    Mary, I’m dreading the heat tomorrow – going to be sitting outside at a Christmas markets stall all day.

  11. I’ve been watching Takarazuka videos on Youtube, particularly stuff from their Scarlet Pimpernel production. I’m particularly hooked on watching what is perhaps the most spectacular curtain call ever.

  12. Oh no, I didn’t realise it was going to be so hot today. It was so hot yesterday! Lucky me, waking up at 6am so it’s a bit cooler… No, that is not lucky, I don’t know why I keep waking up at 6am.
    Well I have had an interesting week! My father pulled some rather spectacular crap on my birthday. Happily, I do not speak to him anymore. Spent his birthday lounging around reading books and then out with my friends in the evening. Also, I got free white choc raspberry and caramel ice cream. My birthday itself was pretty lovely, spent with friends and (my mother’s side of the) family. I received a lot of books, my friends know me well!
    I am going to have a quiet Sunday and hopefully work on some posts for next week that are really taking it out of me: want to get them done! Am very nervous about them though. I’ll see how I go.
    ETA: Jha, that is a pretty spectacular curtain call!

  13. Yet another possum has attempted to take up residence inside the house. It spent the day trying to sleep on a beam about 10cm wide and yes, fell off.* Possums are not intellectual giants. As I was trying to wrangle it outside last night it would race wildly around the room banging into the glass panels, neatly avoiding the wide open door and then come to rest, panting, right at my feet.

    *begging for a gym joke but I came up blank.

  14. Chally, sorry to hear about your Dad piling the crap on. Glad to hear the rest of your birthday was delightful!
    Mim, I just doublechecked all our windows and turned on the roofspace extraction fan (recycled cooling fan from a big old mainframe computer) so that we can make it through the day – hope all those hot people want some lovely jewellery! And Mary, hope the hydration keeps the fetus from turning too many somersaults today.
    su, I’m trying to come up with some sort of line about a shocking dismount getting nil points from the Russian judge, but it’s not coming through. Possums are horrendously pesky for such cuties.

  15. It spent the day trying to sleep on a beam about 10cm wide and yes, fell off.*
    The possum was snoozing on a thin piece of wood? Must have been a lazer beam. (bang, tish)
    Happy birthday Chally!
    I’ve been wanting to move out of this suburb since I moved in, but it’s impossible to find anything anywhere that allows pets. Today was my salvation (or possibly my damnation) I found the perfect house! It’s a little tiny cottage with a teeny weeny garden. The ad even specifically says “suitable for single lady”! Of course there’s a catch – it’s way out in the country, 3 hours from the city, with trains that only run twice a day. Faustian is an understatement.

  16. mimbles, hope your stall went well; some of my friends are seeing Pearl Jam today, that is true fandom. The heat has only just peaked now at 5pm, am considering whether a walk to the pool is worth it or not.

  17. @su Silly possum 🙂 The only time I’ve had a possum in the house it rather surprised me by walking obediently back out the window it had come in by when I told it to.
    The market stall experiment was a bit of a flop. Apparently no on else wanted to be out in the heat either. It was the first time I’ve had a stall, don’t think I’ll bother with it again in a hurry. Etsy and selling through my blog look a much more attractive idea.
    .-= mimbles´s last blog ..Market day =-.

  18. Just back from a party in NZ, and I’m feeling wiped out, because I woke at 4am NZ time and couldn’t get back to sleep, and I’d slept very lightly before that in my usual way (and I gather many other people’s usual way) before an early morning flight, only to find that the flight was delayed by 1.5 hours, which meant that I got back into Adelaide at 12 noon, leaving me just enough time to get through customs and immigration, then up to our home to drop my bag, before going up to school for my turn on canteen duty at 1pm.
    My girls were very pleased to see me. And why yes! Thank you for asking. The party was wonderful.

  19. Just heard on the news that the American serviceman charged with raping a woman while visiting a Sydney brothel has been acquitted, and I’m wondering if anyone local knows anything more detailed about the case? Because when I read about it initially it sounded as if the defence wasn’t really even trying (all the quotes were along the lines of “I put it to you that this didn’t happen”), and for the prosecution to have been brought at all I would think they must have had some pretty solid medical evidence. Is this yet another case of a woman being designated unrapable? Anyone heard how the judge instructed the jury? The reporting is too thin for me to tell, but I’m ready to be very, very angry.

  20. Answering my own question – I stumbled across a report on the case on the “Yes Means Yes” blog (warning for descriptions of violence):
    I was as bad as I feared, that is, no dispute that the man committed acts of violence against the woman, just a jury thinking it didn’t count because she was a prostitute.
    I could just spit. Though I’d rather do something more productive, if I could think of anything.

  21. Has anyone seen Hexy anywhere about the place recently? I hope she’s okay.

  22. Thanks, tigtog. Good to hear.

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