Thursday Cheezburger: Home Ec. With Bonus Delurking Day!

Continuing the School Subjects theme (we could be here for a while), today’s cheez theme is: Home Ec!

ginger cat appears to be writing on a notebook. Thought bubble reads Mome left shopping list for dad. I just addz a few fings. hmmm...cheezy poofs toona katnipz meeces peeces.


a sliced bread loaf shows three large yeast bubbles in the shape of a eyes and a maw-like mouth. Capped How to tell when yeast goes bad

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  1. Hi! I’m Cecilia, med student and feminist, officially de-lurking myself. I’ve been following this site for a couple of months now. Don’t have much to say, except that I love your work! 🙂

  2. I’m in the sin bin for too many links.

  3. There is a wee piggy, and a wee kitty!

  4. Nice to see HomeEc gives other people nightmares as well…
    see more dog and puppy pictures
    see more dog and puppy pictures/
    see more dog and puppy pictures
    And that someone scored even worse in “child care”….
    see more dog and puppy pictures

  5. I like almost all the pics (last one is not-so-funny to me). Am I the only person who loved home ec.? True, it was in Brooklyn, NYC, USA long long ago. (I’m nearing my 3score and ten and in a kind of shock over it.) My skills online are not-so-good and am unable to do copy/paste so far; online two years, just.
    Home ec. in my junior high school (I was in a class for gifted kids, age 11, 7th grade) and first time out of same room all day with one teacher, 6th grade. The class was in a “fake” apartment made out of a few large classrooms by putting up wallboards (not up to ceiling). We were working class, but poor as mom was widow with 3 kids, living in a 3room apartment. The school “fake” apartment was like something out of a1950s sit-com on tv. (It was 1951 or so.)
    The cooking room was a huge room with many stoves, sinks and tables and chairs. We had to eat what we cooked. It was “exotic” food for me. I’d grown up on Jewish food from E. Europe and Italian food (Sicilians lived across the street, with small yards behind the 2 family homes and I had Italian grandparents that my pals shared with me, even tho I didn’t speak Italian), and Chinese food. (Chinese food was a staple for Jews in Brooklyn who were not observing “kosher” laws of the Jewish religion. (My dad was part WASP, white anglosaxon protestant.)
    I learned to make shepherd’s pie in cooking class – had never seen it before. I don’t remember any other thing we cooked. I never saw that food again in real life, but did recently online. (I did travel in Europe in the 1960s and learned to cook.) Why do so many women hate home ec? Is it what I think is a push to lock us in to “women’s roles”? I still remember learning how to make a bed with someone in it who is ill.

  6. I think I hated Home Ec ’cause I failed to acquire the skills that the class was supposed to teach me. To the point that when our class was supposed to prepare an afternoon tea for some veterans on Anzac day my teacher specifically put me to roles that required no technical skills whatsoever (and no interactions with the diggers) I mostly did the cleanup.
    Combine that and my mum’s lame attempts to teach me to cook and I actually get performance anxiety when I try to cook something outside of my limited repertoire.
    The sewing side isn’t much better… I accidentally stabbed one of my classmates with a pair of scissors. But at least I learned how to use an overlocker!
    strangely enough our school didn’t bother teaching us how to care for kids so i can’t make any comment on that.

  7. Tamal: Please don’t use “lame” as a slur in my threads. Thanks.

  8. I’m sorry Lauredhel, I didn’t think.

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