Saving Spoons: Wee Web Widgets

I’m probably the last person on the block to find out there’s a better way to delete hundreds of old comment subscriptions in livejournal. I’ve been going to the Subscription Tracking page and deleting each one by hand – which then forces a reload of the page, sending Firefox to using 100% of one of my CPUs, and generally taking a whole lot of time, spoons, and aggravation.

Searching around, I now find that Afuna has a Greasemonkey script, Delete Multiple Subscriptions, that at least makes the job easier. You click on the little trashcan, it highlights with a red box, then when you’re done selecting the outdated subscriptions you click “Delete” at the bottom. Hoorah!

Now, if anyone finds a way to mass delete the oldest x00 subscriptions, or all those older than x0 days, please, please, please let me know.

I’ve also only just discovered YousableTubeFix, which makes my Youtube use much easier. YousableTubeFix allows you to customise a whole lot of interface stuff on Youtube:

Removes ads and unwanted sections (configurable), allows downloading and resizing videos, displays all comments on video page, expands the description, can prevent autoplay and autodownload, adds a HD (High Definition) select, etc…

I’ve been attached to Remove It Permanently forever, though it seems rather flaky these days and probably needs updating. It gives a different set of functions from Adblock. I see there’s a Yet Another Remove It Permanently, but I haven’t tried it yet.

What other wee web widgets make your life easier? Spill! Share!

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  1. You’re not the last person – I certainly didn’t know about it, and have had to delete Livejournal comment subscriptions the hard way in the past. Thank you!

  2. Oh, thank you so much for the YouTube Fix, this is fantastic!

  3. More on the flash blocking:
    Firefox plugins:
    Noscript –
    Flashblock –
    Safari on Mac OS X plugin:
    ClicktoFlash –
    ClicktoFlash in particular also lets you view Youtube video in H.264 in Quicktime directly, rather than relying on running a Flashplayer.
    If you use facebook and happen to share links using it has a “Share on Facebook” browser bookmark bar item which I use quite a bit.

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