Sunday Silliness: Doctor Who doesn’t mind the Buzzcocks

In the week before Christmas, the BBC broadcast a special Doctor Who version of their music quiz show Never Mind The Buzzcocks (from whose format our Oz ABC show Spicks and Specks is derived). Sadly, not even UKTV on cable shows Buzzcocks, so we just don’t get it here.

Here is the official BBC teaser, showing that Catherine Tate knows almost nothing about the canon of the Whoniverse:


David Tennant is hosting the show (NMTB currently has no permanent presenter). The regular team captains are Noel Fielding* (from The Mighty Boosh, whose team members are jazz pianist/singer Jamie Cullum and Catherine Tate (Donna Noble on Doctor Who)) and Phil Jupitus (whose team members are Radio One presenter Jo Whiley and Bernard Cribbins (Donna’s grandfather on Doctor Who)).

It becomes rapidly obvious that Jo Whiley knows far more about Doctor Who than Catherine Tate does (the audience is, nonetheless, mostly on Catherine’s side), and that Bernard Cribbins has a fine line in dry non-sequiturs that threatens Noel Fielding’s usual schtick.

For those who have a spare half hour to while away, here are some links showing more of the show:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (it’s only a short one)

* Noel Fielding replaced Bill Bailey as regular team captain in the 2009 season.

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4 replies

  1. The exchange between Tate and Tennant at the end is hilarious;
    Tate: “I didn’t even know he wasn’t called Dr Who. I thought that was his name, Dr Who. but it’s not, he’s called The Dr”
    Tennant. “That’s right, yes.”
    Tate: I thought you were Mr Who, who was a Dr.
    has had me giggling a lot today.
    She’s awesome.

    • Casting Tate and Cribbins as family was genius. Since my grandpas have both departed, can I adopt Cribbins as my de-facto grandpa?

  2. Tigtog – I want to adopt him too. Then we can be cousins!

  3. He is very funny.
    Just to add to the silliness, here is a very commendable snow dalek and a really chuffed looking lad.

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