Otterday! And Open Thread.

otter licking enclosure glass and making face, capped dis glas tastes funneh to mezIt’s…. Otterday! Hosted by a LOLotter from I Can Has Cheezburger.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Firstly, hugs to everyone that needs them.
    I was wondering this week whether I should join Facebook. I don’t particularly like the company, and the parts of my life that aren’t incredibly dull are incredibly private. But I think social networking will help my future employment prospects in a tough, cliquey industry.
    Users of Facebook – any advice?

  2. Woe. Trying to revive the blog, but don’t want the old image. I investigated the “themes” section of my WP-admin. I found one with my blogname and by selecting it, I managed to bring back my old header image. marginally better than the blue default rectangle – But I haven’t been able to change the header image to a new one. Appearance -> Current Theme Options appears to be the go, and this takes me to a page labelled “Header Image and Color”, but the only options it gives are font options! It lies! TT, if you have the time, would you be able to outline the steps I have to take to get the header image into the theme?
    I feel so idiotic, this should be the easiest thing in the world!

    • @Helen,
      The theme you’ve revived probably had the header image hard-coded into the theme, either as part of the stylesheet or directly into the header.php file. That’s why you’re not seeing options to change it in the admin dashboard.
      I think we can do a better job for you with another theme!
      Facebook can be excellent for networking, and there’s no compulsion to make an account all super personal. There’s a couple of great Greasemonkey extensions for Firefox that make it easy to get rid of a whole heap of annoying FB clutter, too.

  3. Helen, I spent last night revamping my blog and I found that by filtering the WP selection of themes by ‘custom header’ I could select from themes which allowed me to upload my own image. After I had activated my newly chosen theme I had to hit the ‘custom header’ option and then was able to insert and crop the new image.
    I hope this A) makes sense, B) helps. 🙂

  4. Facebook helps me keep in touch with my Aussie and US mates (i moved to the US 3 years ago)
    I can’t help you with with social/work networking..cause i have none.

  5. From troll-wrangling
    [Moderator note: this commentor is morphing their identity here.]

    Does anyone know where i can acquire old Enid Blyton books – the originals before the texts were Bowdlerised in the ’90s and ’00s?
    My favourite series was Malory Towers

  6. Just read over in LP’s Haiti contexts thread that since the US took charge of the airport in Port au Prince that all aid from other countries is having to come in through the Dominican Republic.
    Also that in addition to the 400 volunteer doctors from Cuba already working in Haiti before the earthquake, more volunteers from Cuba and Venezuela were the first on the scene after the shake and continue to arrive in large numbers – geez it would be nice to see more acknowledgement of relief efforts from these other nations in some of the news we’re seeing.

  7. For Enid Blyton try
    Alas they tend to be collectible, meaning expensive, but you might get lucky with some older paperbacks especially from NZ booksellers. You can specify the bookseller’s country in the Advanced Search.
    Do try a world wide search because some Americans have books very cheaply so even the horrible postage doesn’t make it impossible. Whereas most Brit booksellers charge the earth and then postage.

  8. So, Sherlock Holmes. I enjoyed the movie as a fun alternate universe Holmes but one thing hit me immediately the first time I saw Mary Morstan and again when I saw Irene Adler.
    The second Mary comes on the screen I thought “that is a modern American woman” and I can’t work out why. It must be body language, but why American not just modern? Perhaps it was “modern American blonde actress” a sort of Hollywood tv/movie standard for women with a particular face shape and hair colour? The kind you see in every soap and as bit parts in every movie?
    I know it’s common in historical flicks for the women to be as modern in looks and attitude as possible, but still… those two struck me so forcibly I’m still pondering it a couple of days later.
    (And still fuming about Irene Adler dressed as a “man” in boots with 4″ heels, long hair, and makeup. because women have to have heels and makeup. Even ones who famously easily pass as men.)

  9. @Zebee Maybe because she had a tan? Even if she’d travelled to exotic locations as Mr. Holmes implied, a tan would be pretty unlikely for that type of lady at that time.

  10. @Kim,
    You may be right! I’ll have to chase some screencaps to see. A combination of skintone, face, and body language would do it.

  11. @Adelheid, I just spent ages trying to find the online bookshop I used to get tons of second-hand children’s books from, only to discover that the bookshop doesn’t seem to exist any more, and the couple who ran it seem to be playing stringed instruments instead…
    Also, I am dreading taking my kitteh to the vet tomorrow, because I think he’s going to suggest putting her down…

  12. Since I brought it up nearly a month ago, I figured I’d note for a journal of record (HAT counts, right?) that the eagerly awaited (by me at least!) Mary-baby was born Thursday, in something of tour of the “highlights” of modern obstetric practice. I agreed though, and still do, that an induction was medically indicated for my pregnancy, it just won’t feature in the highlights reel of my life. Otherwise we’re doing well and are happy!

  13. Yay Mary – good to see you back online! (I did make an announcement on Friday in the previous Otterday post).
    The “highlights” tour sounds less than fantastic, but I’m so glad that bubs is here and well.

  14. From troll-wrangling[Moderator note: this commentor
    is morphing their identity here.]
    Thanks Rebekka
    Someone once had a Malory Towers role playing community on LJ –

  15. OOOOH! I am checking it out now.

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