Hoydens, we have a problem

Weirdness appears to be happening when people attempt to leave a comment.

As I’m checking things out in the backend, weirdnesses are happening to me there as well.

Will this post even get published? Let’s see.

Addendum: By all means attempt to leave a comment on this post. If some people can and others can’t, that could be useful information.

Addendum the second: OK, I just received 5 moderation requests for what turned out to be nonexistent comments. Thank you for trying! If you want to leave me more information via Twitter (@hoydenabouttown) please do.

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  1. Wondering if it will let me comment when I’m actually logged in to WP?

  2. Trying to comment (again)

  3. Ooh – I just turned off all our plugins and there is your comment. Will this one go through?

  4. Okay, I’ll try! 🙂

  5. Ok Houston, one of the plugins is playing up. The blog might look a little different until I can work out which plugin is playing up, ok?

  6. Heh! It worked, but the Commentluv thingy is gone.

  7. Will let me comment but not edit at the moment. I will logout and try again.

  8. I’m guessing editing is a plug-in too. Naughty little plug-ins.

  9. when I tested the third plugin, that reproduced the error. The big problem is that the plugin involved is Akismet.

    *scurries off to find another anti-spam plugin*

  10. ah – and there is something weird going on with the autoinstaller accessing the plugin repository – the plot sickens!

  11. Hi, I’ve tried leaving comments here before but they didn’t always go through. I’m posting this on my mobile device now. And I’ve had similar problems @ another wordpress blog. That is all.

  12. OK, doing some reading there has been some major downtime at wordpress.com and its associated servers, which I’m guessing are the same servers who make Akismet work actually that downtime was a month ago – misread the date. I’m about to deactivate the new spam-blocker and try Akismet again to see if it will work now.

  13. Nope, reactivating Akismet still led to the comment not being published. I’ve sent them a support request so we’ll see what they can work out. I’ll get some of the other plugins up and running again to check that none of them are throwing the same error, because that would mean something else is going on that’s not Akismet’s fault at all.

  14. It’s that button that says “Submit”. Personally, I refuse to submit. Resistir es vencer, etcetera

  15. I’m willing to give anything a go at this point, Liam – so I’ve changed the button text!
    Twisty has “Blame!” and Pandagon has “Blaspheme!” – I don’t want to be a complete copycat but if anyone has the mot juste for the send-your-comment button then by all means share your idea.

  16. Adding my data point to the testing…
    and editing is working for me too.

  17. It didn’t work last night; let’s see if it works now. (Last night, I ended up with a Page Not Found error when I clicked Send Comment).

  18. If this appears, then obviously I can comment :).
    I couldn’t soon after the post.
    Editing works, but it took two tries to load it.

  19. tigtog: “pontificate!”, “bloviate!”
    Actually, I think Hoydens probably declaim.

  20. I’m very fond of opining, though I do associate it with Twisty, who Opines often.
    Speak? Denounce? Hold Forth?

  21. Considering this site’s ability to sustain a conversation and Pace Beastie Boys, I suggest “Pass The Mic”. But then I’m probably showing my age.

  22. Ratiocinate, vociferate, elucidate, scintillate, perorate, excoriate, ruminate, postulate, consternate, repudiate, cacophonate, exuberate, discombobulate!
    (Those who vacillate, confabulate, prevaricate, bloviate, tergiversate, berate, prate and/or merely addlepatedly reverberate so as to irritate will most assuredly rusticate.)


  23. I suggest “Ahoy!”
    Re. my inability to login (to post, that is – separate issue), I can’t even see the link to admin in the footer any more!

  24. Just putting in a boring old vote for something very obvious, like “Submit your comment”, “Leave a comment”, etc.
    I get very confused, particularly in an interface like this one where there’s a fair bit going on, when buttons and navigated are labelled in cutesy non-standard fashion instead of labelled with the keywords one can typically expect. Some livejournals I just leave instead of commenting, because “follow the footprints” and “blue skies” and “aforelian” make less sense than “Leave a comment” and “Profile” and “Archive”. I know lots of commenters here in in a similar boat with various disabilities and neuroatypicalities, so I think keeping the basics of the interactive interface very close to standard would be a useful accessibility goal.
    Took me a few beats to figure out “Participate” was the button I needed to press, and I know this page inside out.

    • lauredhel, I wondered about that and now that I have my coruscation of rhymes at the top I’m happy to change the text of the actual button to just “Send your comment”. I can also restyle the submit button to make it much more obvious.

      • OK, I’ve tweaked the comment form area to have more emphasis on the important parts to make it easier. The heading is larger, the comment input text area is larger and has stronger contrast, the font for the input is larger, and the Send A Comment button and font is larger. I’ve kept the rest of the text at a readable size, just made these most-used parts larger so that they are easier to find.

  25. and the Send A Comment button and font is larger.
    And more purple! Whee!
    Thanks for the tweaks.

  26. This blog needed more purple.
    Helen, I’ll email you about the login.

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