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Sexist to men. There should be playdate men for women to play with. I’m totally serious slowly all these stupid things are giving women a massively big head. Have you noticed how guys look a lot like girls these days?

Context: GameCrush lets gamers pay to play with girls

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  1. I thought that was an amalgamation of quotes, tt, until I clicked through. It takes a very special kind of person to pack all of that into one comment. Wow.

  2. stuff.co.nz ran polls on their article about this today, either would you pay to play w/ girls, or would you take $$ to play w/ guys? In response to the first question, about 78% said “no, it’s just sad”, and the “maybe, if I was desperate” and “yeah, why not” responses were about equal at 10-12%.
    The responses to the second question? About 55% said yes, 35% no, 10% maybe.
    My brain imploded, both at the questions asked/answers offered, and at the second set of responses. The first set, I can kinda understand, I don’t think anyone would want to pay for such a short period of gaming time, no matter who they were playing against.

  3. My response to that (not the comment, the article) was saying “What the FUCK!!” multiple times with various inflections. I mean seriously, What. The. FUCK!!!!!
    As for the comment…. um…. Got Clue? No.
    .-= PharaohKatt´s last blog ..Chally Says I’m Beautiful! =-.

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