Sydney Hoyden and Geek Feminism picnic: late May

Step 1: Gather Geek Feminists and Hoydens in Sydney

Step 2: ???

Step 3: PROFIT

Step 1 will be a lunchtime picnic at the Royal Botanic Gardens in late May. We’re currently open to four dates:

  1. Saturday 22nd May
  2. Sunday 23rd May
  3. Saturday 29th May
  4. Sunday 30th May

Update 30/3: we’ve settled on the 30th May. Say starting from noon? I’ll put up a reminder post with meetup location closer to the date.

Please comment if you’re intending to come and also if you strongly prefer some or can’t make it on some of those dates. We’ll finalise the date in the next few days so that people can keep it free.

If you have any insight into Step 2 you can explain on the day.

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  1. A perfect plan if I ever saw one! (What do you mean there needs to be more at step 2?!)
    I’d love to come 🙂 The 22nd/23rd is free so far, but my 8 year old has Band Camp the following weekend and I believe us parent types are needed to do supervision and concert audience duties at various times over the weekend so I’m pretty sure Sunday 30th is out and the 29th is uncertain.

  2. at the moment, any of those dates work for me.

  3. They all work for me too.

  4. I’ll be in Aus and fairly recovered from jetlag on the 29th/ 30th, so if it happens then I’ll definitely try and get there.

  5. I would love to come! I definitely can’t make the 23rd and probably not the 22nd because I’m in a choir (USyd Musical Society) and our big semester 1 concerts are that weekend. The next weekend is just fine though!

  6. I’d like to come! All of those dates are also fine for me right now.

  7. I’d love to bring the Tiny Tyrant up (and maybe a Wicked Fairy, if he can be convinced). Tyrant’s birthday is the 16th though, so I’m anticipating family and friendly antics on the weekends either side, and Saturdays tend to be booked up, so the 30th would be nicer for me.

  8. Um, that’s gonna be a busy time for me, so don’t feel you have to take me into account when planning or anything. I could perhaps make the 23rd.

  9. Any of those dates are good for me.

  10. I’d love to come! Thanks for organising something 🙂
    I’m out of town 22/23 May. 29/30 May would both be grand, with a preference for 30 May.

  11. Via geekfeminism: I’d be coming up from Canberra, so as long as there is plenty of notice (I do on-call work), then any of those dates would suit. Also happy to give other Canberrans a lift if they have no convenient transport.

    • Hiya Trix!
      just jumping on the back of your comment to give a friendly wave to everyone coming over from geekfeminism: I’m looking forward to meeting those of you planning to come along!

  12. Hi all,
    Thanks for all the enthusiasm! Here’s how the dates work out (leaving out people who said every date was OK):
    Saturday 22nd May is OK for: mimbles
    Sunday 23rd May is OK for: mimbles. Chally is a maybe.
    Saturday 29th May: hellonhairylegs, Jo Tamar, kayloulee. mimbles is a maybe.
    Sunday 30th May: hellonhairylegs, Aphie, Jo Tamar, kayloulee.
    And the 30th wins by a nose. I’m really sorry that’s the bad weekend for you mimbles and Chally.
    Anyone got suggestions for a wet weather contingency plan? I’ll be bringing my baby (and it’s not uncommon for kids to come to Hoyden things in general) so if we went to a pub it would need to have somewhere to sit and be fairly quiet and not have a licence that totally forbids under 18s.

  13. Oh, I don’t know, I may still be able to stop by briefly. I’ll certainly be keeping this in mind when it comes to volunteering for band camp duties.
    *practices saying “no”* 😉

  14. Oh, no! Never mind, Mary, and thank you. I hope you all have fun!

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