Femmostroppo Reader – April 3, 2010

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  • Breaking: Victorian women liked sex!
  • – “As with a restrictive corset worn for far too long, it’s time to free yourself of the notion of Victorian women as the epitome of sexual prudishness.”

  • New Videos Based On Rape Prevention Tips Guaranteed To Work
  • – Sexual Violence Prevention Tip #1: Be clear about your sexual intentions and limits
    Sexual Violence Prevention Tip #2: Use the buddy system.

  • Scott Roeder Sentenced to Life in Prison, No Parole for 50 Years
  • – “I don’t doubt that that anti-choice extremists will use this as an opportunity to further martyr Roeder as a hero, but more importantly, let’s not forget that the anti-choice movement has had a long history of inciting violence and terrorism; this sentencing is also a reminder that we must continue to support and protect the remaining abortion providers that choose to stay and fight for women’s health”

  • Who's afraid of 4500 boatpeople?
  • – “these numbers hardly suggest we are being inundated. We should remember the much larger number of refugees flowing into parts of Europe and Asia because of their proximity to conflict zones. Australia’s refugee numbers will always be low because of something called the ocean.

    The fact remains that the overwhelming majority of people who try to enter Australia illegally by boat are ultimately assessed to be legitimate refugees and are therefore included in Australia’s annual refugee quota of 13,750.”

    It’s a bumper holiday weekend of linkage!

  • Speaking of bullies…
  • – “The Archdiocese of Baltimore is suing the city in response to a law requiring anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centers” to state up front that they do not refer women for birth control or abortion. They do not refer women for birth control or abortion. But they do not want to make that clear to potential clients.”

  • Wingnut Bingo
  • – “When the convenor of the game says ‘Go’, every player begins reading their article, crossing off the terms found on their bingo card as they go. The first player to get five crosses in a row, in any direction and yell out ‘What is it with the Left and being humourless?’ is declared the winner.”

  • Time to embrace sex and gender diversity
  • – “Events took a turn for the worse, however, when Norrie received a phone call, then a letter last week from the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages rescinding hir ‘sex not specified’ document.”

  • – “Science writer Simon Singh has won an appeal for the right to rely on the defence of “fair comment” in a libel action being brought against him.”

  • Climategate: The lion that squeaked
  • – “Squibs don’t get much damper than “Climategate”.”

  • Rape is caused by rapists, part 496
  • – “Let that sit with you a minute. Gang rape of a seven year old child. Who do we blame? Well, sure as hell not the rapists. Instead, blame the 15 year old girl who, reading between the lines, was probably the original intended victim of the rape.”

  • No True Scotsman
  • – “t was not surprising that the group recently arrested and charged with plotting to kill police officers, then those mourning at their funeral using IEDs have nowhere in the mainstream media been referred to as “terrorists” or even “terror suspects”. After all, they aren’t Muslims. But, that’s not enough for the political right. Apparently, on the “No True Scotsman” principle, it’s also unfair to refer them as “Christians“.”

  • How not to raise a rapist
  • – “Former FBI profiler Roy Hazelwood says this in Dark Dreams: A Legendary FBI Profiler Examines Homicide and the Criminal Mind:

    My research on serial rape supports the view that a large number of sexual criminals have been childhood victims of physical, sexual or psychological abuse.

    Keep in mind that “psychological abuse” entails neglect and headgames, a type of abuse that many people still aren’t schooled in recognizing. So when I say “don’t abuse your kids” I’m also saying “don’t strategically withhold affection to make your child unnaturally dependent on your approval, which you dangle like a carrot, so that he or she gets the idea all people of your gender are evil and should be punished.””

  • Pathological misogynist on a mission to explain how stupid women are
  • – “Given that he’s clearly a dedicated misogynist going to much trouble to twist facts and fiction to “mansplain” to the whole world how men are superior to women without having the slightest clue how to talk to people, he’s probably a narcissist who figures everyone should just go wide-eyed at his brilliance the moment they come in contact with his words.”

  • The Rage Is Not About Health Care
  • – “If Obama’s first legislative priority had been immigration or financial reform or climate change, we would have seen the same trajectory.”

  • Douchebag attends feminist conference, with predictable result
  • – “Paul Sheehan’s had a busy week of Feminism! He’s had an unfunny email forward (yes, we all know about them), read a new feminist book, and attended the Feminism Matters symposium at the university of Sydney. And he can’t wait to mansplain tell us all about how, of course, we’re Doing it Wrong!”

  • The peer reviewed literature has spoken
  • – “It is not censorship to put an end to pronouncements based on a botched figure that splices together two discordant temperature series without correction.

    It is quality control.”

  • Australia Aboriginal youths 28 times more likely to end up in jail / The Christian Science Monitor – CSMonitor.com
  • – “The AHRC’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, Mick Gooda, says: “One of the biggest problems we have in this country is denial of racism. I keep saying to people: Come and live in my world for a while and you might change your opinion.””

  • Links of Great Interest: We have an email address now! 😀
  • – lotsa links from the Hathor legacy

  • Don’t expect much of yourself, sweetie
  • – “Any suggestion of advantage based on sex affects results, the research shows, even where there is no cultural stereotype.”

  • – “So the verdict, in case you were wondering, is that if girls fall for boys, and those boys don’t fall for them, they are clingy bitches. And if girls don’t fall for boys, and those boys DO fall for them, they are heartless bitches. No matter how this situation goes, if there turns out to be an inequality of desire, you’re getting called a bitch.”

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