Friday Hoydens: Jazzy Women

This post was inspired by this great gallery on Slate: Jazzy Women. (I only just discovered Slate’s Today’s Pictures feature – fascinating photos every day.) The gallery has 30 photos of fierce, passionate musical women – highly recommended. Here’s just one, of Nina Simone:

Nina Simone is playing piano, the photo captures her leaning right back on the piano stool and shaking her hair while four male backing singers look on, some of them laughing while they sing

ALGIERS, Algeria—A Nina Simone concert at Théâtre de l'Atlas for the Festival Culturel Panafricain, July 1969. © Guy Le Querrec / Magnum Photos

Who’s your favourite jazz music hoyden?

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  1. I remember contacting you to suggest I write on Nina Simone as a ‘Friday Hoyden’. The wheels fell off for me when I read her autobiography – not at ALL to insinuate she was not a Hoyden. She’s an undeniable music genius, and she faced and surmounted incredible challenges…it was just very very sad, a lot of damage, a lot of pain, a lot of misery. I’ll try again to write it one day because she definitely deserve Hoydenish accolades. So, yes, I’d be nominating/seconding Nina Simone.

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