Down Under Feminists Carnival at Fat Lot of Good!

Bri has an amazing Down Under Feminists Carnival, our Twenty-Third, up at Fat Lot of Good.

There is a focus on Body Acceptance with a whole lot of good reading, and plenty more. Check it out, and spread the word!

The April carnival – our Twenty-Fourth, so we’ll be in second birthday celebrations! – will be hosted by Frankie PhD at her PhD Research Blog. The optional theme is Community. Submissions to franceshaw at gmail dot com for those who can’t access blogcarnival. Submissions go all month, and close on the 2nd of May.

Sorry about the belated announcement – I’ve had my focus elsewhere with school holidays on, plus wrestling with BlogCarnival trying to get my login working again (and getting zero response from their “support” team.) We may have to go to just email submissions for future carnivals, unless anyone else knows of a good carnival hosting site?

Categories: gender & feminism

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