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  1. Incoming nit pick.
    Re: the “Hungry Beast and Catholic Sex Scandals”and the dating of the Jewish [?]/Christian document cited there as dating to around 60 AD [aka CE].
    That is a very early dating for a Christian church document many, even most [?], scholars doubt if such a thing as the “Catholic Church’ existed until many decades later and most datings of the Didache put it much later than 60CE and most opt for the early second century or even later.
    Wiki cites scholars dating it within the range of early/mid first century to mid/late second century.
    One [oldish] text I have states “At one time this tract was viewed as a very ancient product – as early as AD 70 or 90. Recent study, however, has conclusively shown that, in the form we have it, it belongs to the second century”. [“The Library of Christian Classics – Vol. 1 Early Christian Fathers”]
    I’m not trying to belittle the Hungry Beast presentation but it worries me when I see ulta orthodox ‘facts’ accepted on face value.

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